Next Race

– Saturday 25/11/2017
– Garfield, GSR

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Racing commences
– 1:00pm

Registrations close
– 12:45pm


Richard Dobson

Nick Hainal
Rob Lackey

Rob Birch
Rob Harris
Tony Sloan
Lee Harper
Peter Bracka

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Results – Wednesday

Wednesday Race results for 2014.

See results archive page for previous year’s results.

The Loop, 29th January 2014

Division 1R.NewhamI.Clark (N)D.Woolhouse
Division 2R.Clark (N)T.CurulliO.Anstey
Division 3P.GrayN.CartledgeP.Griffiths (N)
Division 4J.EdduL.BhonF.Lees

The Loop, 22nd January 2014

Division 1P.ThompsonT.McDonough(N)J.Hasouruas(N)
Division 2R.WheelhouseT.CurulliO.Anstey
Division 3M.Collins(N)P.Griffiths (N)P.Gray
Division 4L.BhonF.LeesM.Powell (N)

The Loop, 8th January 2014

Division 1F Short (N) P Thompson
R Russo
Division 2S Foster R Debernadi J Williams
Division 3M Collins (N) B McCann P Griffiths
Division 4F Lees M Powell (N)R Maggs


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