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Next Race: Saturday 3/6/2017 – Casey Fields – GSR.

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Racing this week – 3/6/2017
Casey Fields – GSR
Racing commences
– 2:00pm
Registrations close
– 1:45pm

Under AVCC regulations tail lights are required.


Tony Curuli

Sam Bruzzese
Geoff Cranstone

Upcoming Events


Upcoming Events

Eastern Veterans Cycling Club

17/6/2017 & 24/6/2017 - Toy Bicks Toughen Up series
Four races with aggregated points contributing to series prize monies for both Men and Women.

Current Standings - race 2

Name Pts.Name Pts.
Kevin Mills8 Kim Petersen 6
JC Wilson 8 Paula McGovern 1
Anthony Plummer 6 Susan Williams 1
Phil Smith 6
Chris Ellenby 6

Full Results on 'Results' page.

10/6/2017 - Individual Time Trial
This is a handicap event. Being a handicap it is pre-entry, entries close with the handicapper 7/6/2017.

2/7/2017 - 22/7/2017 Tour de Metro
Four races v. Northern Cycling; two away at National Boulevard (Sun 9:00am) and two at home - Yarra Glen & Arthurs Creek (Sat 2:00pm).

22/7/2017 - Tour de France Night
Kilsyth Club, cnr Canterbury & Colchester Rds, Kilsyth. 7:00pm
Guest speakers are Stephen Fairless, Anna Davis (hour record breaker) and Nik Skewes (Indian-Pacific Wheel Race)

Eastern Veterans Cycling Club is a club that organises road races for veteran aged cyclists (women > 30yo, men > 35yo) on Saturday afternoons, Wednesday mornings, and Tuesday evenings over summer, in a competitive but friendly environment.

The club runs approximately 130 races per year over two seasons; Summer – criteriums, and Winter – road races.  The majority of races are graded scratch races (A to F) where competitors compete against riders of similar strength and ability.  Races are conducted at both closed and open road circuits.

With the exception of club championships all races are open to all AVCC licensed riders.

The club currently boasts around 300 members and is always looking for new members of any age or standard.

Interested in finding out more?  Either contact the club secretary (  or check out the current race calendar and come along to a race to experience it for yourself either as a spectator or as a competitor in a trial ride*.


*The AVCC allows members of the population who have never raced in an AVCC affiliate club event, one ‘free’ trial ride (free of affiliation and membership fees, race entry fee does apply).  To take advantage of this offer print and complete the trial membership application form and bring it along to the race of your choice with the standard race entry fee ($10/$15).  Riders are only permitted one trial ride, after which, if they wish to continue racing, they must take out full club membership to obtain an AVCC licence.





Club Weather Policy

Racing may be cancelled due to weather, club officials do this if conditions make it unsafe for racing i.e. if the road or course is too wet or if it is too hot.

If the forecast temperature for the race day is 35ºC or more, races will be cancelled.

Under circumstances of high humidity, the races may be cancelled even though the forecast temperature is less than 35ºC.

A decision will be made at the earliest possible opportunity and communicated by email, SMS and the race day phone.

This policy applies to Saturday and Tuesday racing.


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