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Sunday 1st July 2018
– National Boulevard, Campbellfield
– Round 1 Tour de Metro hosted by Northern Cycling

Racing commences at 9.00am – and don’t forget your tail light!

Northern Cycling Club encourages pre-entry via the EntryBoss website to allow for better planned and graded racing. On line entries close at midday on race eve.

Pre-entries will be charged $12 when entering and paying on line, however entries will still be taken on the day prior to the race up to 15 minutes before advertised start times.  Entry fee on the day will be $20.



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Saturday Race results for 2018

Aggregate: Final aggregate standings – 16th December 2017

Archive: See results archive page for previous year’s results.

Seymour Open Handicap – 23rd June 2018

FirstKellie Murphy - Northern Limit
SecondMeg Parnaby - Grampians Limit
ThirdJason Hendry - Eureka 12:00
FourthSteven O’Neill - Geelong 15:00
FifthRob Lackey- Eastern17:00
SixthJames Knipe - Eureka12:00
SeventhDean Tune - Eastern17:00
EighthJohn Hasouras - Northern15:00
NinthPeter Mackie - Eastern12:00
TenthRoger McMillan - Eureka20:00
FastestMichael Borowski - NorthernScratch
Fastest unplaced
Sue Sharples - Eastern14:00

Gruyere – GSR, 16th June 2018

A Grade (11)Phil SmithJean-Philippe LeclercqAaron Field
B Grade (13)Walter SaviniDarryl BlanchettNick Tapp
C Grade (12)Richard DobsonKym Petersen Franc Tomsic
D Grade (9)Ken AllanBill Mackay (H)Veronica Vandenbroeck
E Grade (3)Pat RuysRon StranksBarry Beachley

Yarra Glen – GSR, 9th June 2018

A Grade (16)Chris HughsonJean-Philippe LeclercqGuy GreenDarren Woolhouse--
B Grade (20)David Anderson (N)Ross Clark (N)Ray RussoNick TappCraig Oliver
C Grade (21)Ian M. SmithDean TuneDavid GriffinRob TruscottFranc Tomsic
D Grade (6)Ken AllanNeil CartledgePaula McGovern----
E Grade (9)Harry HibgameJuanita CaddPat Ruys----

Casey Fields – GSR, 2nd June 2018

A Grade (12)Chris HughsonJean-Philippe LeclercqPerry Peters
B Grade (12)Matt ClarkeCraig OliverWalter Savini
C Grade (15)
Incorporating ‘missing out’ race and scratch race
Paul JamesRob Truscott
Tony Curulli
D Grade (7)Greg Harvey
Neil Cartledge
Ken Allan
E Grade (9)Harry HibgameColin Mortley
John Eddy
F Grade (3)Rod Goodes
Clive Wright
Michael Waterfield

Seymour – 60k Handicap, 26th May 2018

FirstNeil Cartledge21:00
SecondGreg Harvey21:00
ThirdKeith Wade21:00
FourthRobert Jackson (N) 21:00
FifthMax Michelson21:00
SixthDavid Griffin17:00
SeventhBernie Evans17:00
EighthDavid Younger (N)3:00
NinthLawrence Lee3:00
TenthChris HughsonScratch
FastestPhil CavaleriScratch
Fastest unplaced
Kym Petersen14:00

Gruyere – GSR, 19th May 2018

A Grade (13)Phil SmithJean-Philippe LeclercqDavid Holt
B Grade (12)Peter WebbDarryl BlanchettNick Tapp
C Grade (13)Aaron FieldRob TruscottTim Crowe
D Grade (8)Max MichelsonDavid BrownVeronica Vandenbroeck
E Grade (4) Colin MortleyJ.C. WilsonRon Stranks

Yarra Glen – GSR, 12th May 2018

A Grade (17)Phil SmithDavid HoltRichard AbelGuy Green
B Grade (12)Gavin PlummerMark EdwardsPeter Webb--
C Grade (17)Tim CroweSam BruzzeseDean TuneRob Lackey
D Grade (6)Anthony Van der SpekDavid BrownNeil Cartledge--
E Grade (7) Harry HibgameJohn EddyColin Mortley--

Casey Fields – Club Criterium Championships, 5th May 2018

Age Group1st2nd3rd
Men 35-39Matt Clarke----
Men 45-49Glenn NewnhamPerry PetersDarren Woolhouse
Men 50-54Tony KimptonAnthony GullacePhil Smith
Men 55-59Phil CavaleriRob AmosRussell Newnham
Men 60-64Chris EllenbyJohn WilliamsHylton Preece
Men 65-69Mark EdwardsPeter WebbDavid McCormack
Men 70-74John ThomsonJohn PritchardColin O’Brien
Men 75-79Keith WadeHarry HibgameJohn Eddy
Mens 80-84Ron Stranks----
Men 85-89Rod Goodes----
Women 50-54Paula McGovern----
Women 55-59Susan Williams----
Women 60-64Sue Sharples----

Enterprise Drive – GSR, 28th April 2018

A Grade (12)Chris HughsonScott Riddell (N)Rob Amos
B Grade (11)NO RESULT
C Grade (17)Craig StannardKen SaxtonTim CroweBob Lewis
D Grade (6)NO RESULT
E Grade (9) Harry HibgameJ.C. WilsonJohn Eddy
F Grade (2)NO RESULT

Dunlop Road – GSR, 21st April 2018

A Grade (19)Chris HughsonPhil CavaleriGlenn NewnhamRussell NewnhamDavid Mann
B Grade (19)Michael Hartman (N)
Craig Oliver
Peter Morris
Darryl Blanchett
Peter Webb
C Grade (15)Brett McInnes
Rob Castellani
Chris Beard
Ian Milner
D Grade (9)Greg Harvey
Dan Ives
David Brown
E Grade (10)Ray Watts
Jim Swainston
Colin Mortley
F Grade (5)Petra Niclasen
Rod Goodes
Clive Wright

Garfield – 60k Handicap, 14th April 2018

Cancelled – Strong winds

Dave Ryan Memorial, National Boulevard – GSR, 8th April 2018

A Grade (15)Chris Hughson (E)Michael Borowski (N)Darren Roberts (N)Tony Giuliano (N)Lawrence Lee (E)
B Grade (30)Daniel Tarquinio (N)Simon Romano (N)Troy Morgan (N)David Anderson (N)Walter Dapcich (N)
C Grade (26)Steven O'Neill (N)Walter Savini (E)Frank Crifo (N)Peter Gray (E)Franc Tomsic (E)
D Grade (21)Roberto Castellani (E)Dean Tune (E)Terry Duggan (N)Robert Lackey (E)Keith Wade (E)
E Grade (12)Colin Mortley (E)Harry Hibgame (E)
John Wilson (E)
Ian Bishop (N)Barry Rogers (E)
F Grade (9)Jim Swainston (E)Allison Watt (N)Robert Miller (N)Meredith Kelly (N)Susan Williams (E)

Casey Fields – GSR, 31st March 2018

A Grade (7)Iain Clark (N)Glen NewnhamPhil Smith
B Grade (10)Max KornoferRoss Clark (N)Peter Morris
C Grade (11)Stephen BarnardAndrew Buchanan
Brett McInnes
D Grade (5)Dale Walton
Neil Cartledge
Ken Allan
E Grade (6)JC WilsonHarry Hibgame
John Eddy
F Grade (3)Ray Watts
Petra Niclasen
Micheal Waterfield

Newham – Croydon Cycleworks Handicap, 24th March 2018

Cancelled – Wet

Dunlop Road – GSR, 17th March 2018

A Grade (17)Chris HughsonGlenn NewnhamIain Clark (NC)Phil Cavaleri
B Grade (13)Paul WebsterRoss Clark (NC)Dean Niclasen
C Grade (15)David McCormackDarryl BlanchettPaul James
D Grade (15)Rob CastellaniDale WaltonNeil Cartledge
E Grade (6)John EddyAllan CunneenJim Swainston
F Grade (4)Ray WattsPetra NiclasenClive Wright

Casey Fields – GSR Alternative format, 10th March 2018

A Grade (6)Chris HughsonDavid PyneGlen Newnham
B Grade (12)Dean NiclasenJohn WilliamsDarren Rutherford
C Grade (11)Ken SaxtonBob LewisHylton Preece
D Grade (7)Rob CastellaniDale WaltonColin Mortley
E Grade (4)Ron StranksJim SwainstonClive Wright

Enterprise Drive – GSR, 3rd March 2018

A Grade (12)Chris HughsonGuy GreenKevin King
B Grade (13)Peter WebbDean NiclasenAnthony Gullace
C Grade (26)Craig StannardBrendan WainColin OBrienDarryl BlanchettRob Truscott
D Grade (15)Rob CastellaniMax MichelsenDean Tune
E Grade (5)Tony LateoJohn EddyRon Stranks
F Grade (4)Ray WattsJim SwainstonClive Wright

The Loop, Yarra Boulevard – GSR, 24th February 2018

Cancelled – Wet

Dunlop Road – GSR, 17th February 2018

A Grade (20)Phil SmithChris HughsonKen MayberryGlen NewnhamPhil Cavaleri
B Grade (25)Ray RussoAnthony GullaceDarren WoolhouseRob AmosDale Maizels
C Grade (31)Brett McInnesKen SaxtonChris BeardCraig StannardPeter Gray
D Grade (17)Robert CastellaniJohn CochraneGraeme CaddJuanita Cadd
E Grade (7)JC WilsonTony LateoJohn Eddy
F Grade (5)Louise WolfersRod GoodesClive Wright

Garfield – 60k Handicap, 10th February 2018

Grade Mark
FirstDarren Woolhouse8:00
SecondIan M. Smith20:00
ThirdChris Ellenby4:00
FourthPhil SmithScratch
FifthMax Michelsen24:00
SixthRon Stranks44:00 (limit)
SeventhMike Joss28:00
EighthPerry Peters8:00
NinthPaul Firth4:00
TenthLawrence Lee4:00
EleventhMark Edwards8:00
FastestPhil Smith - 1:44scratch

The Loop, Yarra Boulevard – GSR, 3rd February 2018

A Grade (11)Jean-Philippe LeclercqPhil CavaleriChris Hughson
B Grade (13)Nick GibsonRoss ClarkPeter Morris
C Grade (15)Paul JamesRussell WheelhouseDarryl Blanchet
D Grade (10)Dean TuneKen AllanMike Joss
E Grade (7)Susan WilliamsJim SwainstonAllan Cunneen
F Grade (2)Brian FarrellClive Wright

Casey Fields – Alternate Format, 27th January 2018

A Grade (7)David Pyne - 7pts (2+5)Phil Cavaleri - 3pts (0+3)Jean-Philippe Leclercq - 2pts (0+2)
B Grade (10)Peter Webb - 5pts (0+5)Peter Mackie - 3pts (0+3)Dean Niclasen - 2pts (0+2)
C Grade (13)Matt Clark - 9pts (2+2+5)Hylton Preece - 3pts (0+0+3)Paul James - 3pts (0+1+2)
D Grade (6)Ken Allan - 7pts (2+5)Colin Mortley - 4pts (1+3)Nick Hainal - 2pts (0+2)
E Grade (6)Allan Cunneen - 7pts (2+5)Pat Ruys - 3pts (0+3)Susan Williams - 2pts (0+2)
F Grade (3)Ray Watts - 7pts (2+5)Clive Wright - 4pts (1+3)Rod Goodes - 2pts (0+2)

A-F grades GSR with 1 intermediate sprint, C grade had an additional missing out crit prior to the main event.
Points: Missing Out; 1st – 2 pts, 2nd – 1pt. Intermediate sprint; 1st – 2 pts, 2nd – 1pt.  Final sprint; 1st – 5pts, 2nd – 3pts, 3rd – 2pts.

In case of tie on points place in final sprint took precedence

Casey Fields – GSR, 20th January 2018

A Grade (7)Phil SmithPhil CavaleriDavid Holt
B Grade (11)Paul FirthGavin PlummerPeter Webb
C Grade (10)Steve ShortIan MilnerPaul James
D Grade (8)Ken AllanMike JossGreg Harvey
E Grade (7)Jim SwainstonTony LateoRod Goodes

The Loop, Yarra Boulevard – GSR, 13th January 2018

Cancelled – Wet

Casey Fields – GSR, 6th January 2018

A Grade (5)Steve RossPhil CavaleriGlenn Newham
B Grade (6)Dean NiclasenRob SuterPeter Webb
C Grade (11)Craig StannardBrad JonesIan Milner
D Grade (4)Neil CartledgeColin MortleyKen Allen
E Grade (0)
F Grade (3)John EddyJim SwainstonRod Goodes

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