Next Race

Saturday 24/3/2018
– Newham
– VVCC Open

Enter via VVCC website

Newham – Open Handicap

Racing commences: 1:30pm
Registrations Close: 20/3/2018



Frank Nyhius
Dave McCormack
Ken Saxton
Colin Mortley

Paul James
Doug Page
Daniel Ives
Marg Noonan
Anthony Coxon
Nathan Dewer
Bob Lewis
Martin Peeters
Tayfun Ugrasbul
Max Michelson
Brad Jones

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Social / Training Rides

Members of the club participate in bunch rides away from racing, club members and visitors are welcome to join them


DayStart TimeRideLocationDistanceRatingDetails
Sunday8:00amSunday Beach RoadSt Kilda80kEasy / Flatdetails

Ride Rules

  • At all times participants on a club ride are to obey the local road rules including, but not limited to;
    • stopping at stop signs and red lights,
    • not riding closer than 2m from a motor vehicle (drafting)
    • riding no more than two abreast
  • Helmets must be worn whenever a participant is on their bike
  • Rides will start at the advertised time, anybody not ready at that time will be chasing
  • Follow the leader

Ride Etiquette

  • Club kit
    If you have it please wear it, wearing a common kit makes identifying the members of a group easier for both participants and members of the general public. Other riders will be less inclined to push into a group if they know it is a group rather than a rag-tag collection of individuals,
    If you wear it please respect it, the club does not want to receive calls or emails telling it how badly our riders behave on the road or bike path
  • other things to do to discourage blow-ins from blowing in are;
    – stay up (everybody) till the last rider in the group is past the rider/s you are passing
    – stay on the wheel in front – if you leave a gap (12” constitutes a gap) it will be taken
  • Call intentions
    Point out potholes, glass, rubbish or other obstructions on the road. Point out traffic islands, roundabouts, bollards or other road-furniture.   Call loudly, clearly and early the presence of upcoming parked cars, slower riders and red lights
  • Speak Up
    If somebody in the group is not abiding by the rules of the ride let them know – politely, if they ignore or abuse you don’t retaliate, tell the ride leader.
    If you or somebody is struggling to hold on because the leaders are setting too fast a pace tell them to ease up.
    If the person behind says something for the leaders, or the whole group (eg. ‘car back’), pass it forward – i.e. repeat it – loudly, nobody’s voice will carry more than two wheels, well, with a few exceptions. The riders ahead do not know what is happening behind – let them know.
  • Be nice
    To everybody

    • Don’t push past stationary traffic (other riders included) at the lights
    • Don’t hold up the traffic unnecessarily
    • Ride at the prescribed ride pace, ride to the slowest rider in your group.
    • Start off from lights slowly, ease into it – allow your group to reform, allow groups ahead of you to reform before you pass them
    • Keep as far to the left of the lane you are in as you can – 6” from wheel to gutter, 6” from handlebar to handlebar – leave room for another group to stay in the left lane when they pass you. If there is a left turn lane (and you are not turning left) stay out of it, give others the option to use that lane if they require it.
    • Ride single file when necessary (dual lane carriageway, parked cars in left lane, traffic behind) – stay to the left of the lane marking
    • If somebody in the group is doing something wrong politely remind them of the correct way to do things
    • If Freddy Nerx looks like he is going to push in – speeds up as you catch/pass him, inform him that there are still X riders to come
    • If Freddy Nerx pushes in, inform him (nicely) that he has pushed into a group ride, ask him to ease off and let the group pass and that he is welcome to join the group at the back if he so desires. Freddy can be discouraged from pushing in to the group by; the group maintaining its pace, staying up till the last rider is past the slower rider(s), and not leaving a gap between wheels such that another rider may think the bunch has ended
    • Say ‘please’ and ‘thankyou’
  • Friends
    Friends are welcome, but if you bring one please ensure they;

    • are aware of the expectations of them (these comments)
    • are competent at riding in a bunch
    • are capable of completing the ride

  • Be alert – the world needs more Lerts.
    Thinking ahead, concentrating on what is ahead, concentrating on what’s around you will make your, and your friends, ride much safer and much more enjoyable.


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