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Sunday 1st July 2018
– National Boulevard, Campbellfield
– Round 1 Tour de Metro hosted by Northern Cycling

Racing commences at 9.00am – and don’t forget your tail light!

Northern Cycling Club encourages pre-entry via the EntryBoss website to allow for better planned and graded racing. On line entries close at midday on race eve.

Pre-entries will be charged $12 when entering and paying on line, however entries will still be taken on the day prior to the race up to 15 minutes before advertised start times.  Entry fee on the day will be $20.



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Results – Wednesday 2013

Wednesday Race results for 2013.

The Loop, 18th December 2013

Division 1C.JonesF.Short (N)A.Giramondo (N)
Division 2T.CurulliR.WheelhouseA. Spiteri- James
Division 3P.ShanahanB.Robertson (N)T.Stewart (N)
Division 4L.BohnF.LeesM.Powell (N)

The Loop, 11th December 2013

Division 1A.Giramondo (N)I.Clark (N)R.Cardosi
Division 2L.Medherst (N)A. Spiteri- JamesT.Curulli
Division 3P.JamesM.Collins (N)P.Griffiths (N)
Division 4B.RodgersF.LeesM.Powell (N)

The Loop, 27th November 2013

Division 1A.Giramondo (N)P.BertelsenP.Thompson
Division 2M.StalderO. AnsteyA.Weber
Division 3H.SimpsonA.SkeneP.James
Division 4B.RodgersL.BohnF.Lees

The Loop, 20th November 2013

Division 1P.ThompsonR.CardosiD.Bunning
Division 2J.Hasouris (N)A.O'NeilG.Plummer
Division 3A.SkeneP.JamesP.Shanahan
Division 4F.LeesL.BohnB.Rodgers

The Loop, 6th November 2013

Division 1C.JonesP.Ferrie (N)P.Thompson
Division 2A. Spiteri-JamesA.O'NeilA.Anstey
Division 3G.PlummerH.SimpsonD.Watts (N)
Division 4J.CaddB.RodgersR.Maggs

The Loop, 30th October 2013

Division 1C.JonesP.CavaleriT.McDonough (N)
Division 2K.BaumgartnerJ.Hasouras (N)A. Spiteri-James
Division 3G.PlummerH.SimpsonS.Skene
Division 4P.GrayJ.CaddR.Maggs

The Loop, 16th October 2013

Division 1A. Giramondo (N)F.Short (N)D.Reynolds
Division 2D.BunningR.WheelhouseA.O'Neil
Division 3A.SkeneM.StalderP.Griffiths
Division 4P.GrayL.BohnF.Lees

The Loop, 9th October 2013

Division 1D.HoltP.CavaleriG.Probert (N)
Division 2R.WheelhouseO.AnsteyJ.Williams
Division 3D.Halliday (N)H.SimpsonM.Stadler
Division 4P.GrayR.MaggsL.Bohn

The Loop, 2nd October 2013

Division 1V.Condello (N)P.ThompsonT. Mc Donough
Division 2G.O'LoghlenK.BaumgartnerD.Bunning
Division 3D.Watts (N)J.NeilM.Collins (N)

The Loop, 11th September 2013

Division 1A.Giramondo (N)D.BeovichP.Thompson
Division 2C.EllenbyR.WheelhouseR.Debernadi
Division 3D.Halliday (N)A.SkeneP.James
Division 4L.WolfersR.MaggsL.Bhon

The Loop, 4th September 2013

Division 1J.HallsT.PerryP.Thompson
Division 2A.WeberJ.ThomasG.O'Loughlen
Division 3P.GriffithsT.CurulliC.Tebbutt
Division 4B. RodgersL. BohnR.Maggs

The Loop, 28th August 2013

Division 1S.MillerA.GiromondoP.Thompson
Division 2A.WeberK.BaumgartnerR. De Bernardi
Division 3A.SkeneN.HainalP.Griffiths
Division 4L.WolfersB. RodgersL. Bohn

The Loop, 21st August 2013

Division 1P.FerrieP.CavaleriJ.P. Leclerc
Division 2C.EllenbyJ.WilliamsR. De Bernardi
Division 3N. HainalD.DrewA. Skene
Division 4L. BohnB. RodgersJ. Sloane

The Loop, 14th August 2013

Division 1D.BeovichP.ThompsonT.McDonough
Division 2B.HawkerN.CartledgeC.Ellenby
Division 3A.SkeneS.DwyerT.Curulli

The Loop, 7th August 2013

Division 1D.BeovichJ.P. LeclercP.Thompson
Division 2G. O'LoughlinI.MilnerN.Cartledge
Division 3C.EllenbyA. Spiteri-JamesD.Halliday
Division 4L. WolfersJ.CaddL.Bohn

The Loop, 31st July 2013

Division 1P.CavaleriV.CondelloD.Beovich
Division 2J. HasourasR.WheelhouseJ.Williams
Division 3D.MayneN.CartledgeD.Halliday
Division 4P.GrayJ.CaddL.Bohn

The Loop, 24th July 2013

Division 1D.BeovichD.ReynoldsP.Thompson
Division 2J. HasourasA.WebberR.Wheelhouse
Division 3N.CartledgeD.HallidayS.Dwyer
Division 4J.CaddL.BohnB.Rodgers

The Loop, 17th July 2013

Division 1P.CavaleriD.BeovichJ.Halls
Division 2R. De BernardiA.WebberJ.Williams
Division 3B. RodgersM.WaterfieldL.Bohn

The Loop, 10th July 2013

Division 1A. MapstoneP.CavaleriD Holt
Division 2B McCannJason WilliamsO. Anstey
Division 3J NeilB FarrellB Rodgers

The Loop, 3rd July 2013

Division 1A. MapstoneP.CavaleriJ P Leclercq
Division 2G. PlummerA.WeberO. Anstey
Division 3J NeilM. Collins (N)M. Waterfield

The Loop, 26th June 2013

Division 1D BeovichR CardosiP Thompson
Division 2A WeberR DebernadiJason Williams
Division 3J CaddA CunneenJ Neil

The Loop, 19th June 2013

Division 1F Short (N)D BeocichR Russo
Division 2J WilliamsG PlummerB Creally (H)
Division 3S DwyerJ NeilL Bohn

The Loop, 12th June 2013

No Racing

The Loop, 5th June 2013

Division 1J HallsT McDonough (N)P Thompson
Division 2T CurulliA WeberG Plummer
Division 3D Drew (N)A CunneenS Dwyer

The Loop, 29th May 2013

Division 1A MapstoneD HydeP Thompson
Division 2R DebernadiL WellingG Foster (N)
Division 3L BohnJ EddyA Cunneen

The Loop, 22nd May 2013

Division 1P. CavaleriJ.P. LeClercqC. Gough
Division 2A. SkeneG. PlummerT. Ferrie (N)
Division 3A Cunneen


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