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Saturday 25th August 2018
– Thornton ITT: Rob Graham Handicap & Club Champs

1.30pm Start. ~ 25km Circuit

Entries close midnight Wednesday.

Registration area at the Thornton Recreation Reserve near the main junction of Taggerty-Thornton Rd & Goulburn Valley Hwy – Melways 910 T8.

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Racing commences at 1.30pm – and don’t forget your tail light!

Rear tail lights are mandatory.  No light; no race.



Traffic Controllers

Nick Hainal
Ian M Smith


David Chesney
Ian Milner
Dean Tune
Andrew Wedderburn
Davina Calheim
Anthony Gullace
Phil Smith
Dave DePedro

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Results – Tuesday 2012-13

Croydon Cycleworks Summer Series results for 2012/13.

Final Aggregate points score for 2012/13

 NameGradePointsRaces NameGradePointsRaces
1stRoy ClarkA10218Stefan KirschA6016
2ndAndrew MapstoneA941512thDavid McCormackC5817
3rdDavid PyneC921813thWes BlackD5615
4thPhillip AaronsD841614thCraig EastwoodB5412
5thDayle GoodallB761715thPeter BrannD5215
Chris HughsonA7615Adam DymondC5217
7thNeil CartledgeD7219Doug ReynoldsB5216
Mark EdwardsB721718thBrian McCannC5013
9thMaurice WieseC6617Steven RossA5017
10thPaul JamesD601620thRob AmosA4819
Ray RussoA4818