Next Race

Sunday 1st July 2018
– National Boulevard, Campbellfield
– Round 1 Tour de Metro hosted by Northern Cycling

Racing commences at 9.00am – and don’t forget your tail light!

Northern Cycling Club encourages pre-entry via the EntryBoss website to allow for better planned and graded racing. On line entries close at midday on race eve.

Pre-entries will be charged $12 when entering and paying on line, however entries will still be taken on the day prior to the race up to 15 minutes before advertised start times.  Entry fee on the day will be $20.



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Results Saturday 2017

Casey Fields – Christmas Handicap, 16/12/2017

FirstJean-Philippe LeclercqA
SecondSteve RossA
ThirdPhil SmithA
FourthRob AmosA
FifthDean NiclasenB
SixthChris EllenbyB
SeventhMark EdwardsB
EighthPaul JamesC
NinethJC WilsonE
TenthDavid GriffinD

Casey Fields – GSR, 9/12/2017

A Grade (9)Jean-Philippe LeclercqChris HughsonPhil Cavaleri
B Grade (14)Mark EdwardsRob AmosChris Ellenby
C Grade (15)Walter SaviniTony CurulliRob TruscottRussell Wheelhouse
D Grade (10)Adam HindsRob CastellaniKen Allan
E Grade (8)Pat RuysSusan WillaimsAllan Cunneen
F Grade (5)Rod GoodesJim SwainstonBrian Farrell

National Bouleverd – Dave Ryan GSR, 3/12/2017

Race cancelled.

Garfield – GSR, 25/11/2017

A Grade (8)Phil SmithJean-Philippe LeclercqPaul Firth
B Grade (12)Chris EllenbyJohn WilliamsPeter Mackie
C Grade (12)Brendan WainHylton PreeceAndrew Wedderburn
D Grade (5)Rob CastenelliKen AllenPaula McGovern
E Grade (6)Andrew RutherfordPat RuysSusan Williams

Dunlop Road – GSR, 18/11/2017

A Grade (16)Phil CavaleriChris HughsonSteve Ross
B Grade (16)Ian R SmithChris EllenbyBoyd Williams
C Grade (14)Chris JoyChris BeardGreg Harvey
D Grade (12)Daryl BlanchettGeoff MacKayRob Castenelli
E Grade (11)Alan CunneenAndrew RutherfordRon Stranks
F Grade (6)Petra NiclasenMichael WaterfieldBrian Farrell

Casey Fields – GSR, 11/11/2017

A Grade (7)Jean-Philippe LeclercqGlenn NewnhamPhil Cavaleri
B Grade (11)Grant FarrPaul AndersonDean Niclasen
C Grade (11)Paul JamesBob LewisBrendan Wain
D Grade (7)Steve ShortMike JossIan N. Smith
E Grade (5)John EddyClive WrightRon Stranks
F Grade (2)Brian FarrellRod Goodes

Casey Fields – GSR, 4/11/2017

A Grade (8)Jean-Philippe LeclercqPhil CavaleriPaul Firth
B Grade (13)Paul AndersonGrant FarrDean Niclasen
C Grade (14)Peter GrayHylton PreeceBob Lewis
D Grade (8)Ken AllenMike JossMax Michelson
E Grade (7)Pat RuysEmma SmithJohn Eddy
F Grade (3)Ron StranksRod GoodesMichael Warterfield

Thornton – Royce Bennett memorial h’cap, 28/10/2017

Place Mark
1stPat Ruyslimit (34:30 min)
2ndPetra Niclasenlimit (34:30 min)
3rdGreg Harvey17:30 min
4thNick Hainal24:30 min
5thMax Michelson17:30 min
6thKeith Wade17:30 min
7thPaula McGovern24:30 min
8thZen Gawronski24:30 min
9thChris Norbury17:30 min
10thAnthony Plummer9:30 min
FastestJean-Philippe Leclercqscratch (0:00 min)

Jindivick – Club Champs, 21/10/2017

Age GroupFirstSecondThird
45-49Paula McGovern
50-54Alison Skene
55-59Susan Williams
Age GroupFirstSecondThird
40-44Nathan White
45-49Jean-Philippe LeclercPeter HowardPaul Webster
50-54Phil SmithPaul AndersonPeter Morris
55-59Nigel KimberPhil CavaleriNick Tapp
60-64Ken MayberryChris EllenbyDave Moreland
65-69Peter WebbMark EdwardsDavid McCormack
70-74Robert LewisNeil CartledgeHarry Hibgame
75+Keith WadeJohn Eddy

Arthurs Creek – GSR, 14/10/2017

A Grade (6)Jean-Philippe LeclercqPhil SmithNigel Kimber
B Grade (16)Kon Papakonstantinou (N)Chris EllenbyRay RussoCraig Harvey (N)
C Grade (15)Adam DymondChris JoySam Bruzzese
D Grade (7)Max MichelsenColin MortleyPeter Gray
E Grade (8)Geoff YoulTony SloanSusan Williams

Casey Fields – GSR, 7/10/2017

A Grade (11)Phil CavaleriJean-Philippe LeclercqSteve Ross
B Grade (16)Peter MackieChris EllenbyDarren WoolhouseGrant Farr
C Grade (10)Peter GrayPaul JamesBob Lewis
D Grade (10)Dean TuneHarry HibgameDavid Brown
E Grade (16)Zenon GawronskiJim SwainstonSusan Williams
F Grade (4)Rod GoodesBrian FarrellMichael Warterfield

METEC – GSR, 30/9/2017

A Grade (11)Daniel HulbertJean-Philippe LeclercqAlex Randall
B Grade (10)Chris EllenbyJohn WilliamsAdam Dymond
C Grade (13)Sam BruzzeseDarren WoolhousePaul James
D Grade (11)Greg HarveyPeter GrayColin Mortley
E Grade (10)Paula McGovernZenon GawronskiAlan Cunneen

Thornton – Orger Engines TTT, 23/9/2017

TeamTeam MembersRide timeCorrected timeAvg (kph)
TriveloGerard Donnelly(DNS), Trevor Coulter, Nick Grainger, Stefan Kirsch1:06:151:01:2544.08
SkopePhil Smith, Phil Cavaleri, Jean-Philippe Leclercq, Kevin King1:08:340:59:4442.67
Unleash the FuryPaul Webster, Colin Doherty, Paul Firth, Dale Maizels1:11:421:01:4240.83
Tapp the PotentialNick Tapp, Chris Ellenby, Dean Niclasen, Peter Morris1:16:071:02:0738.33
All the President's MenDavid McCormack, Neil Cartledge, Adam Dymond, Nick Thompson1:18:341:02:3437.22
Feckin EejitsJohn Williams, Paul Anderson, Rob Suter, Nathan White1:14:340:57:2439.23
Team LatteAndrew Buchanan, Hylton Preece, Peter Webb, David Worland1:23:481:04:3334.93
North East RidersMax Michelsen, John Cochrane, Ron Peel, Craig Stannard1:25:551:04:4534.09
Rocket 88'sPeter Gray, Ron Chapman, Paul James, Alison Skene1:27:431:03:4333.35
The Mortley CrewColin Mortley, Ken Allen, Greg Harvey1:34:331:11:3330.91
NorbrayChris Norbray, Peter Mackie, Peter Ransome, John Thomson1:23:340:59:3434.99
EVCC - 3 then there were 2Jim Swainston, Nick Hainal, Keith Wade1:35:12DNF30.66

Gruyere – GSR, 16/9/2017

A Grade (8)Jean-Philippe LeclercqPhil SmithPhil Cavaleri
B Grade (9)Glenn NewhamNathan WhiteRoss Clark (N)
C Grade (11)Sam BruzzeseAndrew BuchananPeter Morris
D Grade (5)Max MichelsonKeith WadeNick Hainal
E Grade (3)Zenon GawronskiJim SwainstonPetra Niclasen

Thornton – Rob Graham Memorial ITT, 9/9/2017
full results

Place Corrected Time
1stPetra Niclasen0:30:22
2ndRob Lackey0:30:56
3rdJuanita Cadd0:31:35
4thRon Stranks0:31:55
5thWalter Savini0:32:18
6thGreg Harvey0:32:22
7thPaul Firth0:32:42
8thDavid Worland0:32:44
9thHarry Hibgame0:32:48
10thGraham Cadd0:32:58
FastestGerard Donnelly0:36:31

Thornton – Club Championship ITT, 9/9/2017

Women 45-49 Petra Niclasen
Women 50-54Dale MaizelsJuanita Cadd
Men 35-39Rob Lackey
Men 45-49Paul FirthPaul Webster
Men 50-54Dean NiclasenCraig Stannard
Men 55-59Gerard DonnellyPhil CavaleriColin Doherty
Men 60-64Chris EllenbyColin MortleyJohn Williams
Men 65-69David McCormackDavid WorlandAndrew Buchanan
Men 70-74Neil cartledgeHarry Hibgame
Men 75-79Keith WadeGeoff Youl
Men 80+Ron Stranks

Casey Fields – GSR, 2/9/2017

A Grade (8)Jean-Philippe LeclercqNigel KimberPhil Cavaleri
B Grade (10)Nick TappDean NiclasenIan R. Smith
C Grade (10)Peter WebbAndrew BuchananPaul James
D Grade (6)Dave WorelandGreg HarveyColin Mortley
E Grade (9)Harry HibgameJim SwainstonSusan Willaims

Gruyere – GSR, 19/8/2017

A Grade (4)Jean-Philippe LeclercqPhil Smith
B Grade (10)Paul FirthNick TappPaul Anderson
C Grade (9)John BlythBernie EvansRob Giles
D Grade (8)Paul JamesHylton PreeceKeith Wade
E Grade (3)Ron StranksJC WilsonPetra Niclasen

Jindivick – GSR, 12/8/2017

A Grade (6)Phil SmithSean HardyLawrence Lee
B Grade (6)Nick TappDavid ChesneyPaul Firth
C Grade (11)Tim CrowePeter MackiePeter Webb
D Grade (7)Max MichelsenNeil CartledgeKen Allen
E Grade (2)Emma SmithHarry Hibgame

Casey Fields – GSR, 5/8/2017

A Grade (9)Phil CavaleriJean-Philippe LeclercqPhil Smith
B Grade (11)Mark EdwardsAnthony GullacePaul Anderson
C Grade (12)Dean NiclasenPaul JamesCraig Stannard
D Grade (7)Peter GrayColin MortleyMax Michelsen
E Grade (5)JC WilsonZen GawronskiRon Stranks
F Grade (4)Petra NiclasenRod GoodesJim Swainston

Casey Fields – GSR, 29/7/2017

A Grade (4)Jean-Philippe LeclercqGuy GreenKen Mayberry
B Grade (8)Nick TappNathan WhitePaul Anderson
C Grade (7)Dean NiclasenJohn BlythPaul James
D Grade (5)Peter GrayDave WorlandMax Michelsen
E Grade (3)Harry HibgameJohn EddyRon Stranks
F Grade (3)Clive WrightPetra NiclasenRod Goodes

Tour de Metro – aggregate – club

 TotalRace 1
(National Blvd)
Race 2 *
(National Blvd)
Race 3
(Arthurs Creek)
Race 4
(Yarra Glen)
Eastern403A - 11 *
B - 26 *
C - 15
D - 21 #
E - 15
F - 22
Total - 110
A - 18
B - 21*
C - 11
D - 9
E - 24 #
F - 12 #
Total - 95
A - 14 *
B - 19 *
C - 0 *
D - 3 *
E - 18
F - 15
Total - 69
A - 27
B - 19 *
C - 10 *
D - 28 *
E - 20
F - 25
Total - 129
Northern309A - 20 *
B - 5 *
C - 17
D - 5 #
E - 17
F - 0
total - 64
* unclaimed places
# GSC rider 3rd
A - 14
B - 10*
C - 21
D - 23
E - 6 #
F - 10 #
Total - 84
*9th unknown
A - 17 *
B - 12 *
C - 30 *
D - 27 *
E - 12
F - 12
Total - 110
* unclaimed places
A - 5
B - 12 *
C - 18 *
D - 3 *
E - 10
F - 3
Total - 51
* unclaimed places

Points: 1st  – 10, 2nd – 7, 3rd – 5, 4th – 3, 5th – 2, 6-10 – 1.

Tour de Metro – aggregate – individual

4Jean-Philippe LECLERCQEVCCA23

Tour de Metro, race 4 – Yarra Glen, 15th July 2017

A Grade
Guy GreenRichard AbelPhil SmithTony Giuliano (N)Jean-Philippe Leclercq
B Grade
Paul WebsterGeorge Micevski (N)Perry PetersPaul FirthDavid Anderson (N)
C Grade
John Short (N)Anthony McCulloch (N)Gavin PlumerPeter WebbHaydn Chapman
D Grade
John BlytheCraig StannardMarcus HerzogGeorge Goodrope (N)Andrew Buchanan
E Grade
Stacy Hatton (N)Geoff YoullHarry HibgameEmma SmithZenon Gawronski
F Grade
Mark GranlandJohn EddyBarry BeachleyAlison Watt (N)Ron Stranks

Tour de Metro, race 3 – Arthurs Creek, 15th July 2017

A Grade
Tony Giuliano (N)Jean-Philippe LeclercqDarren Roberts (N)Guy GreenNigel kimber
B Grade
Paul WebsterTom McDonough (N)Perry PetersFritz Charalam (N)Ray Russo
C Grade
Terry Hollibone (N)Anthony Gretch (N)David Watts (N)Kon Papakonstantino (N)Julian Browne (N)
D Grade
George Goodrope (N)Michael Lavender (N)Nick Nomikos (N)Ron Peel (N)Andrew Buchanan
E Grade
Geoff YoullStacy Hatton (N)Jo Read (N)Emma SmithPaula McGovern
F Grade
Ian Buckingham (N)Ron StranksMark GranlandBarry BeachleyAllison Watt (N)

Tour de Metro, race 2 – National Boulevard, 9th July 2017

A Grade
Kosmos Samaras (N)Jean-Philippe LeclercqRob AmosEmilio Romano (N)Phil Smith
B Grade
Perry PetersGeorge Micevski (N)Ray RussoPaul WebsterDavid Pine
C Grade
Olly Reid (N)Dean NiclasenDavid Watts (N)Nick Nomikos (N)Frank Tomsic
D Grade
George Goodrope (N)Greg Foster (N)Robert LackeyDavid Halliday (N)Peter Gray
E Grade
Barry RodgersJC WilsonStacy Hatton (N)Zenon GawronskiPaula McGovern
F Grade
Meredeth Kelly-Smith (N)Michael WaterfieldBarry Beachley

Tour de Metro, race 1 – National Boulevard, 2nd July 2017

A Grade
Tony Giuliano (N)Jean-Philippe LeclercqKosmos Samaris (N)Emilio Romano (N)Nigel Kimber
B Grade
Stuart BendallPaul WebsterPerry PetersPaul FirthGeorge Micevski (N)
C Grade
Phil TaylorOlly Reid (N)Frank TomsicNick Novikos (N)Steve Togood (N)
D Grade
Peter GrayKevin MillsJames Stuart (GSC)Ron Peel (N)Robert Lackey
E Grade
Stacy Hatton (N)Harry HibgameJC WilsonJo Reid (N)Robert Jackson (N)
F Grade
Ron StranksBarry BeachleyMichael Waterfield

Toy Bricks Toughen Up Series final standings

  Pts  Pts
FirstKym Petersen9Kevin Mills18
SecondPaula McGovern
Susan Williams
JC Wilson16
ThirdRob Giles15

Gruyere – Toy Bricks Toughen Up Series, race 4, 24th June 2017

A Grade (10)Richard AbelGuy GreenJean-Philippe Leclercq
B Grade (12)Nick TappPaul SemmensDerek Rothsay
C Grade (11)Rob GilesJames SomersKym Petersen
D Grade (7)Kevin MillsMax MichelsenKeith Wade
E Grade (5)Harry HibgameJC WilsonSusan Williams
F Grade (3)Mark GranlandBarry BeachleyRon Stranks

Yarra Glen – Toy Bricks Toughen Up Series, race 3, 17th June 2017

A Grade (12)Jean-Philippe LeclercqPeter HowardGuy Green
B Grade (20)Perry PetersPaul SemmensNick TappColin BlackleyPhil Taylor
C Grade (16)Rob GilesDean NiclasenBernie EvansKym Petersen
D Grade (7)Kevin MillsMax MichelsenNick Hainal
E Grade (5)JC WilsonJuanita CaddPaula McGovern
F Grade (7)John EddyClive WrightRon Stranks

Seymour – ITT, 10th June 2017

A Grade (10)Jean-Philippe Leclercq (36:37)Paul Webster (36:43)Phil Smith (40:34)
B Grade (7)Nick Tapp (41:08)Paul Anderson (41:52)Paul Semmens (41.56)
C Grade (10)Dean Niclasen (38:07)Rob Lackey (39:45)Lee Harper (41:08)
D Grade (6)Margaret Noonan (41:34)Peter Gray (41:32)Colin Mortley (43:49)
E Grade (4)Stacey Hutton (N) (37:44)Harry Hibgame (42:00)JC Wilson (43:59)
F Grade (1)Brian Farrell (44:28)

Full Results Here

Casey Fields – GSR, 3rd June 2017

A Grade (10)Phil SmithJean-Philippe LeclercqPhil Cavaleri
B Grade (18)Frank TomsicPhil TaylorNick TappRob Harris
C Grade (7)Steve BarnardPaul JamesHylton Preece
D Grade (10)Peter GrayDave WorlandNeville Williamson
E Grade (10)Harry HibgameJim SwainstonJohn Eddy
F Grade (4)Rod GoodesBrian FarrellMichael Waterfield

Gruyere – Toy Bricks Toughen Up Series, race 2, 27th May 2017

A Grade (13)Richard AbelJean-Philippe LeclercqGuy Green
B Grade (12)Chris EllenbyNick TappDereck Rothsay
C Grade (12)Kim PetersenRob GilesBernie Evans
D Grade (7)Kevin MillsMax MichelsenDean Niclasen
E Grade (3)Jeff YoullJC WilsonHarry Hibgame

Yarra Glen – Toy Bricks Toughen Up Series, race 1, 20th May 2017

A Grade (14)Phil SmithGuy GreenRoy Clark
B Grade (13)John WilliamsNick TappMartin Peeters
C Grade (13)Anthony PlummerPaul JamesRob Giles
D Grade (14)Dean NiclasenKevin MillsDave Worland
E Grade (10)JC WilsonLeon BishopEd Holmes

Seymour – Athletic Soft Tissue handicap, 13th May 2017

1st Nick Nomikos (NC)16:001:59:10
2ndDean Niclasen19:00
3rdNeil Cartledge16:00
4thPaul James19:00
5thBernie Evans16:00
6thCraig Stannard16:00
7thKym Petersen16:00
8thHylton Preece16:00
9thRob Birch16:00
10thKevin Mills19:00
fastestPhil Cavaleriscratch1:24:38

Casey Fields – GSR, 6th May 2017

Racing Cancelled – wet

Dunlop Road – GSR, 29th April 2017

A Grade (20)Jean-Philippe LeclercqDavid HoltRussell NewnhamPeter MorrisRob Amos
B Grade (24)David PynePhil TaylorNick TappIan R SmithBoyd Williams
C Grade (22)Steve BarnardNeil CartledgeRob LackeyGreg Harvey
D Grade (12)Neville WilliamsonKen AllanGraham Cadd
E Grade (8)Harry HibgameAndrew RutherfordJohn Eddy
F Grade (3)Frank LeesRod GoodesBrian Farrell

Casey Fields – Club Criterium Championships, 22nd April 2017

Age GroupFirstSecondThird
Women 40-44Kym Petersen
Women 45-49Paula McGovern
Women 55-59Susan Williams
Men 35-39Rob Lackey
Men 40-44Lawrence Lee
Men 45-49 (8)David HoltJean-Philippe LeclercqPeter Howard
Men 50-54 (8)Steve RossRay RussoPeter Morris
Men 55-59 (18)Russell NewnhamRob AmosPhil Cavaleri
Men 60-64 (10)Ken MayberryIan McGeochChris Ellenby
Men 65-69 (5)Paul JamesJohn ThomsonDave McCormack
Men 70-74 (6)Neil CartledgeRob LewisRichard Dobson
Men 75-79 (4)Geoff YoulLaurie BohnJohn Eddy
Men 85+Rod Goodes

Yarra Glen – GSR, 15th April 2017

A Grade (6)Peter HowardRichard AbelDave Morland
B Grade (17)Doug ReynoldsNick TappDavid Anderson (N)John Williams
C Grade (6)Russell WheelhouseRob De BernardiAndrew Buchanan
D Grade (9)Craig StannardColin MortleyKen Saxton
E Grade (9)Alan SandfordAndrew RutherfordBarry Ellem

METEC – GSR, 8th April 2017

A Grade (11)Jean-Philippe LeclercqRob AmosPhil Smith
B Grade (15)Peter MorrisColin DohertyChris Ellenby
C Grade (12)Rob GilesDean NiclasenRob Lewis
D Grade (7)John CochraneJ-C WilsonKeith Wade
E Grade (9)Clive WrightJohn EddyJim Swainston
F Grade (3)Laurie BohnRod GoodesMichael Waterfield

Casey Fields – GSR, 1st April 2017

A Grade (10)Jean-Philippe LeclercqDavid HoltPhil Cavaleri
B Grade (18)Ian McGeochMark EdwardsDoug ReynoldsChris Ellenby
C Grade (14)Ken SaxtonAndrew BuchananRob Giles
D Grade (7)Colin MortleyMax MichelsonIan Smith
E Grade (5)John EddyTony LateoJim Swainston

Newham – VVCC Open, 25th March 2017

 NameMarktime (avg. speed)
1st Richard Abel (E)4:301:28:13 (40.8kph)
2ndBren Gibson (CV)6:001:29:43
3rdAnthony Zaella (NC)4:301:28:13 (40.8kph)
4thKevin Laffy (GV)4:301:28:13 (40.8kph)
5thJean-Philippe Leclercq (E)4:301:28:13 (40.8kph)
6thTony Mirabella (Eu)4:301:28:13 (40.8kph)
7thMathew Grealy (CV)6:001:29:43
8thNick Brown (G&SC)8:001:31:43
9thGreg Ley (Eu)6:001:29:43
10thTrevor Coulter (NC)4:301:28:13 (40.8kph)
fastestDarren Roberts (NC)scratch1:26:34 (41.58kph)

Full Results

Dunlop Road – GSR, 18th March 2017

A Grade (23)Jean-Philippe LeclercqPhil SmithNigel KimberPhil Cavaleri Iain Clark (N)
B Grade (26)Colin DohertyFrank TomsicHayden ChapmanDale MaizelsAndrew Neilsen
C Grade (21)Dean NiclasenRob LackeyHylton PreeceBob LewisPaul James
D Grade (13)Craig StannardNeville WilliamsonGeoff Mackay
E Grade (10)Jim SwainstonJohn EddyRon Stranks
F Grade (5)Michael WaterfieldLaurie BohnMichael Lynch

METEC – GSR, 11th March 2017

A Grade (15)Richard AbelRussell NewnhamJean-Philippe Leclercq
B Grade (12)Corey TurnerPeter MorrisMark Edwards
C Grade (12)Adam DymondBob LewisHylton Preece
D Grade (7)Geoff MackayRob LackeyIan N. Smith
E Grade (8)Barry RodgersJohn EddyEd Holmes
F Grade (5)Susan WilliamsRod GoodesLaurie Bohn

Casey Fields – GSR, 4th March 2017

A Grade (10)Jean-Philippe LeclercqPhil CavaleriPerry Peters
B Grade (12)Mark EdwardsChris EllenbyColin Doherty
C Grade (16)Ken SaxtonPaul JamesPeter GrayRob Devolle
D Grade (10)Michael AllenNick HainalColin Mortley
E Grade (7)Mark GranlandJim SwainstonJohn Eddy
F Grade (4)Clive WrightRod GoodesBarry Beechley

Yarra Glen – GSR, 25th February 2017

A Grade (14)Phil SmithJean-Philippe LeclercqDavid Holt
B Grade (16)Doug ReynoldsDave PyneDayle GoodallDale Maizels
C Grade (18)tim CroweKym PetersenSam BruzzeseRob Giles
D Grade (12)David BrownCraig StannardKeith Wade
E Grade (2)Barry EllemRon Stranks
F Grade (4)Barry BeachleyJohn EddyJim Swainston

Dunlop Road – GSR, 18th February 2017

A Grade (18)Iain Clark (N)Phil CavaleriGuy GreenLaurie Gates
B Grade (20)Owen LewisIan McGeochPhil ThompsonMartin PetersPeter Morris
C Grade (25)Sam BruzesseAdam DymondKen SaxtonAndre WeberRob Lewis
D Grade (21)David BrownGeoff MackayRob LackeyCraig StannardJohn Cochrane
E Grade (7)JC WilsonJim SwainstonShane Dwyer
F Grade (6)Tony LateoRod GoodesBarry Beachly

Casey Fields – GSR, 11th February 2017

A Grade (6)Phil SmithJean-Philippe LeclercqDavid Mann
B Grade (12)Peter MorrisRoss Clarke (NC)Paul Semmens
C Grade (16)Frank TomsicAndre WeberDarren Woolhouse
D Grade (12)Rob LackeyDavid BrownMike Joss
E Grade (5)Alan HicksJC WilsonRon Stranks
F Grade (4)Clive WrightRod GoodesLaurie Bohn

Casey Fields – GSR, 4th February 2017

A Grade (9)Jean-Philippe LeclercqRob AmosPhil Smith
B Grade (9)David RichardsMark EdwardsPeter Morris
C Grade (12)Doug PageFrank TomsicHylton Preece
D Grade (10)Craig StannardColin MortleyIan Smith
E Grade (5)Ron StranksGraham HainesClive Wright
F Grade (3)Tony LateoRod GoodesMike Lynch (Gipps)

Dunlop Road – GSR, 28th January 2017

A Grade (15)Phil SmithGuy GreenPhil CavaleriDavid Holt
B Grade (22)Boyd WilliamsDavid PyneGrant GreenhalghPhil ThompsonDayle Goodall
C Grade (22)Franc TomsicAdam DymondPeter GrayKen SaxtonSam Bruzzese
D Grade (16)Chris NorburyJohn CochraneColin MortleyCraig Stannard
E Grade (7)Barry EllemRon StranksJohn Eddy
F Grade (4)Frank LeesRod GoodesSusan Williams

Casey Fields – GSR, 21st January 2017

A Grade (6)Jean-Philippe LeclercqPhil SmithPhil Cavaleri
B Grade (14)David PynePeter MorrisPeter Mazarella (N)
C Grade (12)Neil CartledgePaul JamesDoug Page
D Grade (14)Rob LackeyNick HainalZenon Gawronski
E Grade (4)Tony SloanJim SwainstonJohn Eddy
F Grade (3)Rod GoodesClive WrightSusan Williams

Dunlop Road – GSR, 14th January 2017

A Grade (15)David HoltPhil CavaleriGuy Green
B Grade (12)Grant FarrBoyd WilliamsIan McGeoch
C Grade (13)Steve BarnardFrank TomsicDoug Page
D Grade (13)Rob LackeyChris NorburyGeoff Mackay
E Grade (8)Jim SwainstonNeil WrayJohn Eddy
F Grade (3)Ed HolmesSusan WilliamsFrank Lees

Casey Fields – GSR, 7th January 2017

Racing cancelled due to forecast hot temperatures.

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