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Sunday 1st July 2018
– National Boulevard, Campbellfield
– Round 1 Tour de Metro hosted by Northern Cycling

Racing commences at 9.00am – and don’t forget your tail light!

Northern Cycling Club encourages pre-entry via the EntryBoss website to allow for better planned and graded racing. On line entries close at midday on race eve.

Pre-entries will be charged $12 when entering and paying on line, however entries will still be taken on the day prior to the race up to 15 minutes before advertised start times.  Entry fee on the day will be $20.



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Results – Saturday 2015

Saturday Race results for 2015.

Dunlop Rd, 19th December 2015

Cancelled due to heat

METEC – GSR, 12th December 2015

A Grade (15)No result - crash
B Grade (13)Colin DohertyDavid PyneIan Smith
C Grade (24)No result - crash
D Grade (11)Dean NiclasenDarren WoolhouseAdrian Dickinson
E Grade (12)No result - crash
F Grade (4)Laurie BohnClive Wright Jenni Collins

Casey Fields, Christmas Handicap, 5th December 2015

Place Grade
1stJohn MarxE
2ndJean-Philippe LeclercqA
3rdRoy ClarkA
4thSteve ShortC
5thTroy DrinanA
6thRob AmosA
7thRay RussoC
8thColin DohertyC
9thJohn ThomsonB
10thAdrian DickinsonD
fastestJean-Philippe Leclercq9 min, 8 seconds

Dunlop Road, Charity Day – GSR, 28th November 2015

A Grade (21)Gerard DonnellyCiaran JonesSean Wilkeson
B Grade (21)Colin DohertyGrant GreenhalghDarren Smith
C Grade (25)Boyd WilliamsTim MaffreyPeter Shanahan
D Grade (20)Dean NiclasenSam BruzesseM Picozzi
E Grade (16)Rob DevolleHarry HibgameJim Swainston
F Grade (11)John EddyPetra NiclasenClive Wright

Arthurs Creek – GSR, 21st November 2015

A Grade (17)Ciaran JonesSean WilkesonGerard DonnellyJean-Philippe Leclercq
B Grade (11)S. Van der Paal (N)Ray RussoAnthony Gullace
C Grade (13)Rob SuterBob LewisAdam Dymond
D Grade (11)Sam BruzzeseMichael AllenNeil Cartledge
E Grade (4)Dean NiclasenRon StranksRob Lackey
F Grade (4)Jim SwainstonLaurie BohnJohn Eddy

Dunlop Road – GSR, 14th November 2015

A Grade (21)Sean WilkesonJean-Philippe LeclercqCiran JonesGerard Donnelly
B Grade (15)Perry PeetersColin DohertyDayle GoodallRoman Suran
C Grade (20)Ken SaxtonRussel WheelhouseAdam DymondDavid ThompsonSteve Short
D Grade (26)Greg HarveyPeter GraySam BruzzeseMichael AllenAdrian Dickinson
E Grade (13)Rob DevolleNeil WrayHarry Hibgame
F Grade (6)Jeff SmithClive WrightLaurie Bohn

Casey Fields – GSR, 7th November 2015

A Grade (11)Sean WilkesonJean-Philippe LeclercRoy Clark
B Grade (10)Ian MilnerGeoff O'LoghlenRay Russo
C Grade (14)Rob SuterSteve ShortPhil Taylor
D Grade (9)Greg HarveyAdrian DickinsonMark Picozzi (N)
E Grade (11)Geoff MillerJuanita CaddSusan O'Brien
F Grade (6)Laurie BohnJohn EddyClive Wright

Seymour- Pinnacle cycles TTT, 31st October 2015

1stClean SkinsWalter Savini
Grant Henderson
Mal Jones
Paul Webster
2ndBike Gear NowLawrence Lee
Rob Amos
Anthony Gullace
Ken Mayberry
3rdEVCC 1John Thompson
Nick Panou
Rob Suter
Russell Wheelhouse
4thThe A-TeamNick Tapp
Craig Everard
Steven Foster
Ed Smith
5thSkopePhil Smith
Andy Burmas
Tony Chandler
Jean-Philippe Leclercq
FastestCroydon CycleworksPeter O'Callaghan
Richard Abel
Daniel Hulbert
Dave Moreland

Yarra Glen – GSR, 24th October 2015

A Grade (12)Phil SmithPeter HowardJohn Clarkson
B Grade (15)David ChesneyCameron WhiteIan Smith
C Grade (20)Rob GilesRob DeBernardiDavid Watts (N)John WilliamsAndrew Buchanan
D Grade (13)Andrew WedderburnKym PetersonSam Bruzesse
E Grade (7)Geoff MackaySusan O'BrienGeoff Miller
F Grade (7)Tony LateoJohn EddyRichard Maggs

Arthurs Creek – GSR, 17th October 2015

A Grade (8)Guy GreenJean-Philippe LeclercqNick Tapp
B Grade (12)Paul WebsterDavid ChesneyDoug Reynolds
C Grade (15)John Brenand (SA)John ThomsonRob Lewis
D Grade (9)Geoff DarrochJames Somers (WA)Neil Cartledge
E Grade (7)Peter GrayNick HainalRob Devolle
F Grade (4)Laurie BohnJohn EddyRichard Maggs

Yarra Glen – GSR, 10th October 2015

A Grade (18)Jay PhillpottsJohn ClarksonTom LeaperPeter HowardRichard Abel
B Grade (10)Chris EllenbyNick TappPaul Webster
C Grade (16)Russel WheelhouseJohn ThomsonRob De BernardiRob Lewis
D Grade (8)Frank TomsicWedder BurnSam Bruzesse
E Grade (9)Peter GrayJC WilsonDean Niclasen
F Grade (7)Barry EllemJohn EddyLaurie Bohn

Casey Fields – GSR, 3rd October 2015

A Grade (10)Ciaran JonesRussell NewhamGuy Green
B Grade (10)Glenn NewhamPeter WebbIan R Smith
C Grade (10)Ian GilliesSteve ShortNeil Cartledge
D Grade (8)Colin MortleyGreg HarveyGeoff Cranstone
E Grade (0)
F Grade (9)Alan SandfordRon StranksRob Devolle

Eildon – Club Championships, 26th September 2015

Age Group1st2nd3rd
Women 40-44Kym Petersen
Women 60-64Rhonda Kennedy
Men 35-39John ClarksonRob Lackey
Men 40-44David de PedroSteven Foster
Men 45-49Paul WebsterRob MonteathPeter Mackie
Men 50-54Roy ClarkGuy GreenPeter O'Callaghan
Men 55-59David MorelandRob AmosGeoffrey O'Loghen
Men 60-64Chris EllenbyPeter WebbDavid Worland
Men 65-69Peter BertelsenBruce WillMartin Stalde
Men 70-74Robert LewisNeil CartledgeKeith Wade
Men 80-84Ron Stranks
Men 85+Rod Goodes

Yarra Glen – GSR, 19th September 2015

A Grade (12)Sean WilkensonCiaran JonesDavid Depedro
B Grade (16)Peter BelesenPaul WebsterNick TappPaul Firth
C Grade (19)Martin StalderBob LewisRob GilesAdam Dymond
D Grade (10)Sam BruzzeseChris NorburyColin Mortley
E Grade (12)Juanita CaddPeter GraySusan O'Keeffe
F Grade (9)Ron StranksBarry EllemJohn Eddy

Gruyere – GSR, 12th September 2015

A Grade (12)Tom LeaperPhil SmithJay PhillpottsSteve Foster Trevor Coulter
B Grade (6)Paul FirthNick TappPeter Mackie
C Grade (9)Phil TaylorAdam DymondTim Crowe
D Grade (10)Sam BruzesseColin MortleyGeoff Youll
E Grade (5)Nick HainalPeter GrayDean Niclasen
F Grade (0)

Casey Fields – GSR, 5th September 2015

A Grade (9)Guy GreenRoy ClarkJean-Philippe Leclercq
B Grade (14)Doug ReynoldsKevin KingPerry Peters
C Grade (15)Steve ShortBob LewisFrank Crifo (NC)Dave McCormack
D Grade (8)Neil CartledgeSam BruzzeseGreg Harvey
E Grade (10)JC WilsonNick HainalRay Watts
F Grade (9)Tony LateoRon StranksJohn Eddy

Lake Learmonth – GSR, 29th August 2015

A Grade (8)Trent Stevenson (GVVCC)Tony Mirabella (Eureka)Phil Smith
B Grade (7)Peter Livitsanis (Eureka)Bruce WillIan Smith
C Grade (13)Graeme BullSteve ShortFrank Crifo (Eureka)
D Grade (5)Peter ShanahanColin MortleyMal Rock (Eureka)
E Grade (7)Graham CaddJC WilsonJuanita Cadd
F Grade (0)

Seymour – Rob Graham memorial ITT, 22nd August 2015

Full results available here

Place Corrected Timeh'cap
1stColin Doherty33:2512:20
2ndPeter Gray33:4320:50
3rdAnna Davis33:5408:20
4thPhil Taylor35:3412:00
5thDavid Richards36:1308:00
6thColin Mortley36:2913:20
7thDaniel Hulbert36:3707:00
8thPaul Semmens36:4709:00
9thSteven Foster36:5307:00
10thPaul Webster37:1509:00
fastestTom Leaper38:06

 Seymour – EVCC ITT Championships, 22nd August 2015

Full results available here

Age Group1st2nd3rd
Women 50-54Anna davisDale Maizels
Men 35-39Daniel HulbertJohn ClarksonRob Lackey
Men 40-44 ()Tom LeaperDavid DePedroSean Wilkenson
Men 45-49 ()Andrew BurmasDavid RichardsJean-Philippe Leclercq
Men 50-54 ()Paul SemmensNick PanouWalter Savini
Men 55-59 ()Kevin KingRob AmosColin Doherty
Men 60-64 ()Doug ReynoldsKen MayburyQuentin Frayne
Men 65-69 ()Martin StalderJohn Thomson
Men 70-74 ()Neil CartledgeBrian Farrell
Men 80+Ron Stranks

Gruyere, 15th August 2015

A Grade (11)Ciran JonesDavid DePedroJean-Philippe Leclercq
B Grade (12)Nick TappKevin KingChris Ellenby
C Grade (19)Paul FirthSteve ShortTim Crowe
D Grade (8)David HallidayAndrew WedderburnGeoff Youll
E Grade (8)Nick HainalRob LackeyZenon Gawronski
F Grade (0)

 Yarra Glen, 8th August 2015

A Grade (12)Ciran JonesRichard AbelGuy Green
B Grade (18)Brian GrayIan SmithAnthony Gullace
C Grade (16)Peter WebbPaul FirthGraeme Bull
D Grade (10)David IndoeGeoffrey YoullNeil Cartledge
E Grade (5)Rob lackeyNick HainalPeter Gray
F Grade (0)

Casey Fields, 1st August 2015

A Grade (10)Roy ClarkJean-Philippe LeclercqRob Amos
B Grade (8)Parry PetersPaul JamesMarcus Herzog
C Grade (12)Geoff O'LoghlenPeter WebbPhil Taylor
D Grade (7)Colin MortleyGreg HarveyPeter Shanahan
E Grade (5)JC WilsonHarry HibgamePeter Gray
F Grade (4)Clive WrightRod GoodesRon Stranks

Casey Fields, 25th July 2015

A Grade (19)Richard AbelTom LeaperRob AmosMark KinzettCarl Cubitt
B Grade (16)Kevin KingSteve FosterIan SmithRay Russo
C Grade (12)Martin StalderIan MilnerKen Saxton
D Grade (7)Dave WorlandSam BruzzeseGreg Harvey
E Grade (5)Peter GrayZenon GawronskiNick Hainal
F Grade (4)John EddyRod GoodesClive Wright

Gruyere, 18th July 2015

A Grade (9)Nick KennedyJean-Philippe LeclercqLawrence Lee
B Grade (19)John ClarksonPeter BertlesenDavid RichardsPaul AndersonKevin King
C Grade (14)David ChesneyPeter WebbDarren Eagle
D Grade (8)Nathan DewarSam BruzzeseLeon Bishop
E Grade (9)Kym PetersonNick HainalEmma Anderson
F Grade (0)

Casey Fields, 11th July 2015

Cancelled due to wet

 Eildon, 4th July 2015

A Grade (6)Roy ClarkDavid MorelandRay Russo
B Grade (11)Colin DohertyDavid RichardsRoss Tinkler
C Grade (9)Graeme BullAdam DymondNeil Cartledge
D Grade (0)
E Grade (4)Colin MortleyRay WattsNick Hainal
F Grade (0)

Newham – VVCC Open, 27th June 2015

Place ClubMark
1stDavid SmithNorthern24 mins
2nd Johnny Parrello Geelong24 mins
3rd John Hasorous Northern24 mins
4th David Worland Eastern24 mins
5thTina StenosGeelong24 mins
6th David McCormack Eastern24 mins
7th Bernie Evans Eastern24 mins
8th Neil Cartledge Eastern29 mins
9th Adam Dymond Eastern24 mins
10thSteven FosterEastern12 mins
fastest Jay Phillpotts EasternScratch

Winners Time 1:47:45, an average speed of 33.52 kph
Fastest Time 1:26:35, an average speed of 41.7 kph

Full Results

Yarra Glen, 20th June 2015

A Grade (21)Tom LeaperDavid De PedroRichard AbelJay PhillpottsNick Kennedy (NC)
B Grade (21)Steven FosterTony Quick (NC)Brian GrayPerry PetersDaniel Couzens
C Grade (23)Graeme BullWalter SaviniDarren EagleVic Mason (GSCC)Christine Foster (NC)
D Grade (10)Leon BishopSam BruzessePaul James
E Grade (7)Ray WattsGeoffrey MillerSusan O'Keeffe
F Grade (5)Ron StranksTony LateoJuanita Cadd

Seymour – Royce Bennett h’cap, 13th June 2015

Place Mark
1stRay Rhodes (Gipps)13 mins
2ndBruce Will5 mins
3rdSteven Foster5 mins
4thPhil Taylor13 mins
5thNick Tapp5 mins
6thGraeme Bull10 mins
7thIan M Smith10 mins
8thGreg Harvey17 mins
9thKen Saxton10 mins
10thMartin Stalder10 mins
fastestBruce Will
1st femaleJo O'Shaughnessy

Casey Fields, 6th June 2015

A Grade (12)Jean-Philippe LeclercqRob AmosBrenton Jukes
B Grade (18)Chris EllenbyIan MilnerPerry PetersGrant Greenhalgh
C Grade (18)Paul AndersonDave McCormackIan SmithKen Bone
D Grade (14)David Halliday (N)Greg HarveyGeoff Cranstone
E Grade (6)Jeff MillerGraham HainesRon Stranks
F Grade (5)Clive WrightEmma AndersonJohn Eddy

Newham, 30th May 2015

A Grade (5)Roy ClarkPhil SmithRob Amos
B Grade (10)Ross ClarkAnthony GullaceMichael Hartman
C Grade (17)Paul AndersonPeter WebbGraeme BullVictor Mason
D Grade (7)Ian M SmithDean NiclasenColin Mortley
E Grade (4)Susan O'KeeffeRaymond WattsGraham Haines
F Grade (6)Emma Anderson
Ron StranksBrian Farrell

Eildon, 23rd May 2015

A Grade (13)Tom LeaperJay PhillpottsDarren RobertsAndrew MapstoneRichard Abel
B Grade (8)Rob MonteithBrian GrayPeter Mackie
C Grade (14)Peter WebbAdam DymondDavid McCormack
D Grade (0)
E Grade (4)Dean NiclasenRob LackeyNick Hainal
F Grade (0)

Yarra Glen, 16th May 2015

A Grade (16)Richard AbelDavid HoltJaye PhillpottsIan Clark
B Grade (21)Ed SmithNick TappRay RussoAnthony GullacePerry Peters
C Grade (1?)David ChesneyPaul AndersonPeter WebbBernie Evans
D Grade (1?)Phil TaylorIan SmithAdam Dymond
E Grade (?)Susan O'KeeffeNick HainalMax Michaelson
F Grade (0)

Seymour – Athletic Soft Tissue handicap, 9th May 2015

Place Mark
1stRob Amosscratch
2ndSimon Bonescratch
3rdRoy Clarkscratch
4thTrevor Perry (NC)2:00 mins
5thEd Smith4:30 mins
6thPhil Smithscratch
7thColin Morris (NC)2:00 mins
8thChris Ellenby2:00 mins
9thGeoff Morley (Hume)2:00 mins
10thPaul Webster2:00 mins
fastestRob Amos1:25:33
1st femaleDale Maizels

Casey Fields – Criterium Championships, 2nd May 2015

Age Group1st2nd3rd
Women 50-54Dale Maizels
Men 35-39Daniel Hulbert
Men 40-44 ()Justin DavisAndrew MapstoneLawrence Lee
Men 45-49 ()David HoltAnthony GullaceCraig Oliver
Men 50-54 ()Roy ClarkPhil CavaleriPhil Smith
Men 55-59 ()Rob AmosFrank NyhuisPhil Thonpson
Men 60-64 ()Steve ShortPaul JamesChris Ellenby
Men 65-69 ()Martin StalderJohn ThomsonGeoffrey Miller
Men 70-74 ()Ken BoneNeil CartledgeRob Lewis
Men 75-79Laurie Bohn
Men 80-84Ron Stranks
Men 85+Rod Goodes
Women 45-49

Casey Fields, 25th April 2015

A Grade (0)
B Grade (14)Jean-Philippe LeclercqCraig OliverPaul Consto (NC)
C Grade (0)
D Grade (8)Peter GrayDavid WorlandGeoff Cranstone
E Grade (3)Clive WrightRod GoodesRon Stranks
F Grade (0)

Casey Fields, 18th April 2015

Grade 1st2nd3rd4th
A Grade (9)Jean-Philippe LeclercqRichard AbelRob Amos
B Grade (20)Sprint 1R Clark (N)Ross TinklerMartin Peeters
Sprint 2Ross TinklerR ClarkMartin Peeters
Sprint 3Perry PetersR ClarkRoss Tinkler
FinalR Clark (7 pts)Ross Tinkler (6 pts)Perry Peters (3 pts)Martin Peeters (2 pts)
C Grade (15)Sprint 1Martin StalderIan MilnerAdam Dymond
Sprint 2Martin StalderIan MilnerPeter Shanahan
Sprint 3Ian MilnerMartin StalderGerald McIver (jnr)
FinalMartin Stalder (8pts)Ian Milner (7pts)Adam Dymond (1 pt),
Peter Shanahan (1 pt),
Gerald McIver (jnr) (1 pt)
D Grade (8)Sprint 1Gregory HarveyIan SmithPeter Gray
Sprint 2Gregory HarveyIan SmithGeoff Cranstone
Sprint 3Geoff CranstoneGregory HarveyNeville Williamson
FinalGregory Harvey (8pts)Geoff Cranstone (4pts),
Ian Smith (4pts)
E Grade (4)Geoff MillerRon StranksLaurie Bohn
F Grade (6)Pertra NiclasenBrian EffemClive Wright

Dunlop Road, 11th April 2015

A Grade (27)Michael BorowskiPeter O'CallaghanJustin DavisSean WilkensonJean Philippe Leclercq
B Grade (24)Stewart BendallRay RussoPerry PetersPaul Semmens
C Grade (19)Darren SmithIan MilnerDavid BrownTim Crowe
D Grade (19)Graham CaddPeter GrayRob CastellaniGreg Harvey
E Grade (7)Neil WrayPhilip JohnsBarry Rogers
F Grade (8)Tony LateoRod GoodesFrank Lees

Casey Fields, 4th April 2015

Grade1st2nd3rdIntermediate Sprint
A Grade (9)Jean-Philippe LeclercqGlenn Newnham
Steve Ross
Paul Webster
B Grade (9)Colin Doherty
Peter Ransome Mark WallacePeter Ransome
C Grade (13)Gavin PlummerPeter Webb Martin StalderGavin Plummer
D Grade (12)Peter Gray
Rob CastellaniLouise WolfersRob Castellani
E Grade (5)Geoff MillerRob LackeyJuanita CaddRay Watts
F Grade (6)Rod Goodes
Barry EllemJohn EddyJeff Smith

Casey Fields, 28th March 2015

A Grade (28)Andrew MapstoneTim JamisonRussel NewnhamGerard DonnellyMichael Borowski
B Grade (15)Stewart BendallGrant GeenhalghMartin Peeters
C Grade (8)Gerald McIver (jnr)Adam DymondBrian McCann
D Grade (13)Greg HarveyGeoff MackayPhil Taylor
E Grade (6)Peter GrayNeil WrayGeoff Miller
F Grade (7)Tony LateoAllen SandfordLaurier Bohn

Yarra Glen, 21st March 2015

A Grade (10)Rob AmosNigel KimberKen Mayberry
B Grade (17)John WilliamsChris EllenbyDarren WoolhouseMartin Peeters
C Grade (25)Paul SemmensGraeme BullBob LewisDavid Watts (NC)Alison Skene
D Grade (22)Jon McGovernAndrew BuchananSam BruzesseGary LeroyBernard Evans
E Grade (7)Rob DevolleSusan OKeeffeMax Michaelson
F Grade (9)Jeff SmithFrank LeesDick Maggs

Dunlop Road, 14th March 2015

A Grade (14)Justin DavisSimon BoneGuy Green
B Grade (20)Chris EllenbyBruce WillDavid HydeDavid PyneOwen Lewis
C Grade (29)Ken SaxtonColin DohertyBob LewisPeter WebbRobert De Bernardi
D Grade (22)ian SmithPeter GrayGeoff MacKayColin JohnsonRob Castellani
E Grade (7)Harry HibgameRobin CondiePhil Johns
F Grade (9)Laurie BohnTony LateoJohn Eddy

Casey Fields, 7th March 2015

A Grade (8)Roy ClarkRob AmosPhil Smith
B Grade (14)Anthony GullaceChris EllenbyPeter Mackie
C Grade (18)Paul SemmensColin DohertyPeter RansomePeter Webb
D Grade (14)Phil TaylorSam BruzzeseAdrian Dickinson
E Grade (7)Harry HibgameZenon GawronskiRobert Lackey
F Grade (7)Barry EllemPetra NiclasenClive Wright

Dunlop Road, 28th February 2015

A Grade (12)Justin DavisGuy GreenRoy Clark
B Grade (19)Anthony GullaceDarren WoolhouseBruce WillDavid HydeWalter Savini
C Grade (24)Paul JamesFrank CrifoKen BoneColin DohertyDean Niclasen
D Grade (13)Phil TaylorColin JohnsonGary LeroySam Bruzzese
E Grade (8)Robin CondieGreg HarveyPeter Gray
F Grade (13)Tony LateoJohn EddyClive Wright

Yarra Glen, 21st February 2015

Cancelled due to heat

Dunlop Road, 14th February 2015

A Grade (26)Tim JamiesonDarren RobertsonRussell NewnhamCiaran JonesMichael Borowski
B Grade (14)Laurie GatesCraig OliverPhil ThompsonAnthony Gullace
C Grade (19)Paul JamesPeter WebbTony CurulliDean Niclasen
D Grade (15)Ian SmithColin JohnsonGeoff MackayMichael Paull
E Grade (10)Ray WattsRobert LackeyRobin Condie
F Grade (9)Jeff SmithClive WrightPetra Niclasen

Casey Fields, 7th February 2015

A Grade (5)Ciaran JonesBrendon JukesLawrence Lee
B Grade (7)Phil ThompsonChris EllenbyPaul Webster
C Grade (12)John ThomsonPaul JamesBob Lewis
D Grade (5)Neil CartledgeAdrian DickinsonColin Mortley
E Grade (4)Ron StranksZenon GawronskiGreg Harvey
F Grade (4)Tony LateoKenton SmithClive Wright

Gruyere, 31st January 2015

A Grade (14)Nick KennedyJay PhillpottsPhil Smith
B Grade (14)Rob MonteathCraig OliverKevin King
C Grade (21)Tim CroweCraig BlowfieldPeter WebbRussel Wheelhouse
D. Watt
D Grade (17)Andrew WedderburnIan SmithLouise McKimmieGeoff Darroch
E Grade (11)Zenon GawronskiRobert LackeyNick Hainal
F Grade (0)

Dunlop Road, 24th January 2015

A Grade (6)Lawerence LeePeter O'CallaghanRob Amos
B Grade (17)Paul WebsterPhil ThompsonCraig OliverGlenn Newnham
C Grade (18)Colin DohertyGarry StoparPeter RansomeDean NiclasenKen Saxton
D Grade (19)Steve Barnard
Neil CartledgeNeville WilliamsonBernie Evans
E Grade (11)Ray WattsRob LackeyMicheal Paull
F Grade (12)Laurie BohnFrank LeesJohn Eddy

Casey Fields, 17th January 2015

A-GradeTim JamisonCiaran JonesDarren RobertsNick KennedyJulian Paynter
B-GradeSprint 1Ray Russo
Phil ThompsonDale Goodall
Sprint 2Phil ThompsonShane CrowehurstDale Goodall
FinalPhil Thompson (5)Ray Russo (3),Shane Crowehurst (2),
Dale Goodall (2)
C-GradeSprint 1John ThomsonPaul JamesPeter Ransome
Sprint 2John ThomsonPaul JamesPeter Ransome
FinalJohn Thomson (6)Paul James (4)Peter Ransome (2)
D-GradeSprint 1Paul TaylorJ C WilsonIan Smith
Sprint 2Barry EvansNeil CartledgeAndrew Buchanan
FinalPaul Taylor (3),
Barry Evans (3),
J C Wilson (2),
Neil Cartledge (2)
E-GradeSprint 1Z GawronskiRobin CondieNick Hainal
Sprint 2Z GawronskiKim PetersonNick Hainal
FinalZ Gawronski (6)Robin Condie (2)
Kim Petersen (2)
Nick Hainal (2)
F-GradeSprint 1Ron StranksClive WrightR Hensey
Sprint 2Laurie BohnRon StranksR Hensey
FinalRon Stranks (5)Laurie Bohn (3)R. Hensey (2),
Clive Wright (2)

Dunlop Rd, 10th January 2015

Cancelled due to wet

Casey Fields, 3rd January 2015

Cancelled due to heat


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