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Saturday 26th May 2018
– Seymour
– Handicap

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Entries now closed.  Registration desk closes @ 1.15pm (not 12.45pm)!!  Registrations are in Manners St, Seymour.  Across the road from the Royal Hotel.

Please ensure you arrive early with time to spare as registration is nearly six kilometres from the race start.  Racing commences at 1.30pm – and don’t forget your tail light!



Traffic Controllers

Neil Cartledge


Russell Newnham

Darren Woolhouse

Alex Randall

Russell Wheelhouse

Stefan Goring

Gavin Plummer

Perry Peters

Upcoming Events


Honour Board

YearPresident *
(odd year)
Secretary *
(even year)
TreasurerHandicapperCaptainClub Champion
2018Adam DymondTBAJuanita CaddPeter MackieMax Michelson
Jim Swainston
2017Adam DymondNigel KimberJuanita CaddPeter MackieJim SwainstonJean-Philippe Leclercq
2016Hylton PreeceNigel KimberJuanita CaddPeter MackieRob Amos
Jim Swainston
Jean-Philippe Leclercq
2015Hylton PreeceNigel KimberJuanita CaddPeter MackieRob AmosJean-Philippe Leclercq
2014Hylton PreeceNigel KimberJuanita CaddPeter MackieJohn C WilsonNeil Cartledge
2013Hylton PreeceNigel KimberJuanita CaddPeter MackieJohn C WilsonRoy Clark
2012Greg LippleNigel KimberJuanita CaddPeter MackieJohn C WilsonTom Leaper
2011Greg LippleKeith BowenJuanita CaddPeter MackieIan Smith??
2010Greg LippleKeith BowenJuanita CaddPeter MackieIan SmithJohn C Wilson
2009Matt WhiteKeith BowenJuanita CaddGraeme ParkerIan SmithJohn C Wilson
2008Matt WhiteKeith BowenJuanita CaddGraeme ParkerRon StranksRob Amos
2007Ian SmithKeith BowenJohn MacLeodGraeme ParkerRon StranksRon Stranks
2006Ian SmithKeith BowenJohn MacLeodGraeme ParkerRon StranksRob Amos
2005Ian SmithKeith BowenJohn MacLeodGraeme ParkerRon StranksRob Amos
2004Ian SmithKeith BowenJohn MacLeodGraeme ParkerRon StranksGuy Green (S)
Guy Green (W)
2003Alan SandfordKeith BowenJohn MacLeodGraeme ParkerRon StranksBrett Morton (S)
John C Wilson (W)
2002Alan SandfordKeith BowenJohn MacLeodGraeme ParkerSteve FothergillPeter Wykes (S)
Brett Morton (W)
2001Alan SandfordKeith BowenJohn MacLeodGraeme ParkerSteve FothergillSteve Fothergill (S)
Phil Thompson (w)
2000Royce BennettNeville WilliamsonJohn MacLeodAlan SandfordSteve Fothergill
1999Peter BurchallRoyce BennettJohn MacLeodRoyce BennettDayle Goodall
1998Peter BurchallJohn CordeddaMargaret AndersonGraham AndersonDayle Goodall
1997Gordon HillPeter Hudson
John Cordedda
1996Gordon HillJohn BurkeMayumi KnuckeyJohn BurkeLes Doyle
1995Gordon HillJohn BurkeMayumi KnuckeyJohn BurkeGraham Stobie
1994Charles KirkwoodJohn BurkeMayumi KnuckeyAlan Sandford
1993Graham BuckleyCharles KirkwoodWolfang HauserAlan Sandford
1992Graham BuckleyKerry AnswerthWolfang HauserP Mauchline
1991Graham BuckleyKerry AnswerthWolfang HauserKen Woollard
1990Tom RendallLou EdwardsB HunterGraham Wright
1989Tom RendallLou EdwardsB HunterGraham Wright
1988Tom RendallGraham BuckleyB HunterBob Farley
1987Tom RendallGraham BuckleyFay HornerBob Farley
1986Tom RendallKen HornerFay HornerBob Farley
1985Paul OlsenDavid WhiteDavid WhiteBob Farley
1984Paul OlsenDavid WhiteDavid WhiteBob Farley
1983Paul OlsenDavid WhiteDavid WhiteBob Farley
1982Alby McGowanJeff DunganJeff DunganAlan Sandford
1981Alby McGowanJeff DunganJeff DunganAlan Sandford
1980Alby McGowanJeff DunganJeff DunganAlan Sandford

* The President and Secretary are elected for two year terms; on alternating years.

Perpetual Trophy Holders

YearRoyce BennettRob GrahamAthletic Soft TissueChristmas h'cap
2016Paul WebsterPeter MorrisNoel Said (NC)Andrew Rutherford
2015Ray Rhodes (Gipps)Colin DohertyRob AmosJohn Marx
2014Bernard EvansWes HurreyBernie Cleary (Hume)Peter Gray
2013Steven FothergillKevin KingJohn ThomasJ eff Smith
2012Rob DevolleJohn WildesKen BoneSteve Barnard
2011Tom Leaper
2010Malcolm HaysePeter Gray
2009Jim SwainstonRon Stranks
2008Tony ChandlerRoy Clark
2007Peter HowardDamien Burke
2006Simon BoneGuy Green
2005Hylton PreeceSue Pretto
2004Sally BoothDavid Casey
2003Graeme ParkerSteve Barnard
2002Gary SnellRob Lewis
2001Steve Oberg
2000Roman Suran
1999Neil Wray
1995G Gleeson
1994Rob Lewis
1993Nick Hainal
1992Zenon Gawronski
1991J Fuller
1990Peter Ransome
1989Rob Farley
1988R Lees
1987C Smythe
1986A Birznieks
1985J McGowen
1984J Watts
1983N Sykes
1982G Answerth
1981Rob Farley
1980Rob Farley

Life Members

MemberYear of Induction
Keith Bowen2003
Graeme Buckley
Juanita Cadd2017
Lou Edwards
Jack Granland
Ken Horner
John MacLeod2012
Alby McGowan
Graeme Parker2009
Alan Sandford2003
Ron Stranks2006
John C Wilson2010

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