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Saturday 25th August 2018
– Thornton ITT: Rob Graham Handicap & Club Champs

1.30pm Start. ~ 25km Circuit

Entries close midnight Wednesday.

Registration area at the Thornton Recreation Reserve near the main junction of Taggerty-Thornton Rd & Goulburn Valley Hwy – Melways 910 T8.

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Racing commences at 1.30pm – and don’t forget your tail light!

Rear tail lights are mandatory.  No light; no race.



Traffic Controllers

Nick Hainal
Ian M Smith


David Chesney
Ian Milner
Dean Tune
Andrew Wedderburn
Davina Calheim
Anthony Gullace
Phil Smith
Dave DePedro


Newsletter 18th May 2013

Gruyere, 11th May 2013

The Gruyere kermesse is a tough race circuit, with one particularly challenging elevation change, as shown by this image from Strava . The weather was warm, with some head wind and cross wind issues which made the course a bit tricky for some. A good turn out and some good racing followed


Newsletter 11th May 2013

Casey Fields, 4th May 2013 

It was cooler conditions this week down at Casey Fields with a modest turnout. But that didn’t stop a good days racing and some interesting battles out their on the track.


Newsletter 4 May 2013

Casey Fields, 27th April 2013 – Club Criterium Championships

A very warm and windy day down at Casey Fields provided difficult racing conditions for the Criterium club championships. All eligible age groups were represented with some interesting racing and riders from different grades all in the mix together. Congratulations to all the place getters and well done to the lower graders who gave it good go.


Newsletter 27 April 2013

Dunlop Road 20/4/2013

Brave Dave was there on the day and has uploaded a few images from the day.

Newsletter 20 April 2013

EVCC Apr 20 Newsletter

Newsletter 13 April 2013

evcc apr 13 newsletter

Newsletter 6 April 2013

evcc apr 6 newsletter

Newsletter 30 March 2013

Dunlop Road 23/3/2013

Brave Dave was there on the day and has uploaded a few images from the day.

Newsletter 23 March 2013

evcc mar 23 newsletter

Newsletter 9 March 2013

evcc mar 9 newsletter

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