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Saturday 22nd September 2018
– Thornton Team Time Trial

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1.30pm Start – and don’t forget your tail light!

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25km (x 2 laps) Circuit. 4 Riders per team; time is taken when 3rd rider crosses the line

Entries will remain open until midnight Wednesday 19th September.
Registration area at the Thornton Recreation Reserve near the main junction of Taggerty-Thornton Rd & Goulburn Valley Hwy.


Richard Dobson

Traffic Controllers

Ray Watts

Hylton Preece


Ed Holmes, Craig Stannard, Darren Rutherford, Chris Beard, Bob Lewis, Peter Brann, Chris Ellenby, Ken Mayberry


Newsletter 2nd November 2013

Seymour – Avenel Royce Bennett memorial handicap, 26th October 2013

A good turnout enjoyed an almost perfect day for a race on what is becoming a popular road circuit – ideally suited to a handicap, flat and fast.  There was only one group complaining about the conditions – scratch, “there wasn’t enough wind”.  With 95% of the registered riders turning up the handicappers plans weren’t upset too much and it promised to be a good and exciting race.  Read the stories from inside, and outside, the race in this week’s newsletter.


Newsletter 26th October 2013

Gruyere, 19th October 2013

Despite the good weather, and no known conflicts, it was small gathering that took on ‘that climb’ over and over. I may not have been there long, but did notice that the d and e-grade bunches were suffering early with antagonists putting the bunches to the test on the first lap.  Keith’s report from the finish line confirms and expands on this observation indicating that most grades finished with individuals of small breakaways taking the honours.

Brave Dave was there on the day and has uploaded a few images from the day.

Newsletter 19th October 2013

Yarra Junction – Club Championships, 12th October 2013

The weather was generous for the club’s road championships and we were rewarded by solid fields in all of the younger age groups and representatives all the way through to 80+.  It was good to see a lot of lower grade riders test themselves, and in some cases stay with their chrono-peers, some may find themselves riding up a grade next week.


Newsletter 12th October 2013

Casey Fields, 5th October 2013

Small numbers meant there’d be no where to hide, the Casey Gale meant the bunches would be shredded like MP’s travel records, the diminishing numbers making it tougher the longer the proceedings went.

It was a day for high-density riders, folks who could hold a line in the strong cross winds, winds that saw a few making off-road sojourns, fortunately with no worse a consequence than the hardware needing a wash.

Newsletter 5th October 2013

METEC, 28th September 2013.

Hawthorn v. the rest of the country, cold, wet, windy and wild weather not the best mix for racing.  Not the best for sweeping the circuit either but the wind did make for a dry track come race time.  It was a small collection that headed out into the wind with a small prayer to the gods for it to stay dry, the prayers were unanswered but it was only a light shower mid-race doing little to dampen the spirits of the few on the track and the fewer on the sidelines.

The conditions meant races would go one of two ways; conservative with no serious aggression, the bunch staying together for the duration or the conditions taking control and blow the races to pieces.  The majority of grades taking the conservative option, c-grade (the largest bunch) the exception (for once) producing the ride of the day, Steve Short getting into an early break that was short lived but then bridging to a second break that went before half race distance and helping drive it to the podium, John Thompson managing to stay with Steve and contribute to ensure that the chasers stayed that way.

Newsletter 28th September 2013

Don Road Hill Climb, 22nd September 2013

For most of the morning it looked like being a waterlogged event but miraculously the rain held off at the start for most riders to complete their short but explosive ride up Don Road. The bridge at the top marked the end of their effort and a chance to get the heart beat back to something resembling normal. Time trials are tough and uphill time trials are incredibly tough. Congratulations to all the riders who took part and well done to the place getters.

Newsletter 21st September 2013

Casey Fields, 14th September 2013

With a few away at Lorne for the Amy Gillett there were small numbers at Casey Fields – 62.  Melbourne turned on the weather for Amy and we benefitted at Casey with some of the stillest conditions ever experienced.  But the air was heavy and regardless of where you were it felt like a headwind, but it wasn’t and that enabled most bunches to stay together for the one-hour’s (give or take a bit – like half an hour) races.


Newsletter 14th September 2013

Lake Learmonth, 7th September 2013

Seventy riders spread themselves across the five grades that were out to contest this friendly (non-official) interclub.  The Eureka club managed to scratch together four riders to bolster the a-grade teams race and had good representation in the other races.  Ballarat turned on the weather, well, it didn’t rain (much), the wind kept it at bay.  Yes there was a bit of a breeze but it made the flat course a strong-person’s course.  Local knowledge played a part in some races with attacks at the left-right dog-leg stretching the bunches and putting paid to some riders races.

The Eureka Veterans Cycling Club turned on the hospitality, I am assured the caramel slices were heavenly – almost ‘to die for’ but I can’t verify that as some people had more than their fair share and I missed out.  The profiteroles were also lauded but again somebody was tonkin’ them down and despite searching them out all I could find was an empty plate with a few chocolate coated crumbs.

The racing was great, the post-race activities friendly.  This will be an annual event and one worth marking in your calendar as a ‘to do’ race.

Newsletter 7th September 2013

Yarra Glen, 31st August 2013

The good weather brought out the numbers and it was near on eighty starters that raced over 5 grades.  The racing was tough and hard-fought, James Steward managing to hold onto Tom Leaper through the last six laps of the a-grade race and then outsprint him for the win, one of the senior statesmen of the club in Martin Peeters was able to take on and beat all comers, regardless of age, in the b-grade race.



Newsletter 31st August 2013

Arthurs Creek, 24th August 2013

Desopite the almost perfect conditions it was only a small turnout of 50 who raced over five grades.  The small bunches didn’t make for any less exciting racing as individuals tried their luck over the testing course.


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