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Saturday 20th October 2018
– Seymour Club Championships

1.30pm Start – Rear tail lights are mandatory.

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Newsletter 29th July 2017

Yarra Glen, 22nd July 2017 – Tour de Metro race 4.

Big day last Saturday. You all know why – Eastern won the day and clinched the Tour de Metro series on a wild and woolly afternoon in Yarra Glen – but there are race reports and a letter from Adam inside to help you relive the glory.

Saturday night was Awards Night at the Kilsyth Club. Again, there are more details inside, but let me share a favourite moment or two. No, not hearing of Nic Skewes’s amazing fortitude in continuing the Indian Pacific Wheel Race despite horrendous saddle sores – though that topped the chart for ‘Ick!’ factor. It was great to see Juanita Stumbles awarded Life Membership, and Nigel Kimber made the inaugural Club Member of the Year. And I will remember for a long time special guest Steve Fairless’s conversation with Guy Green, including these gems on diet and nutrition: ‘If the body called for half a dozen potato cakes, the body got half a dozen potato cakes,’ and ‘I’ve raced as well on jam doughnuts as anything else.’ What a legend! No, seriously, what a legend, and what tales Steve had to tell from a lifetime of hard, hard bike racing.


Newsletter 22nd July 2017

Arthurs Creek, 15th July 2017 – Tour de Metro race 3.

Northern came out swinging in Round 3 at Arthurs Creek and reduced Eastern’s lead in the four-race series to just 16 points – 274 to 258 – with one round remaining. The series result rests on a knife edge. In all grades, and in C and D in particular, we need to make a big effort this week at Yarra Glen to fulfil the promise of our great start at National Boulevard three weeks ago. That said, there was some fine riding at Arthurs Creek, as the reports inside confirm. (Yes, there is a frog story.)

Newsletter 15th July 2017

National Boulevard, 9th July 2017 – Tour de Metro race 2.

Round 2 of the Tour de Metro again saw a good turnout by Eastern, again outnumbering the Northerners with a result to match.  Reports from most grades show how the races unfolded, some to plan, some off script.

Newsletter 8th July 2017

National Boulevard, 2nd July 2017 – Tour de Metro, race 1.

It may have been cold, there may have been ice on the path but that didn’t stop the hardy Easterners from making the trek across town to take on and take down Northern Cycling in the first of the mid-winter four-race series known as the Tour de Metro.  Couple of reports on how things unfolded in this week’s newsletter plus a bonus from last week.

Newsletter 1st July 2017

Gruyere, 24th June 2017 – Toy Bricks Toughen Up series – race 4

A good turn up for a fine but chilly winter’s day at, what would have to be rated as, our toughest road circuit.  Some good reports out of the racings as well, read all about it and ancillary information in this week’s newsletter.