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Saturday 13th October 2018
– Yarra Glen GSR

2.00pm Start – Entries on the day close 1.45pm sharp @ the Registration desk.  Rear tail lights are mandatory.

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Tony Curulli

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Dave McCormack
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Max Michelson
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Neil Street


Newsletter 29th October 2016

Eildon, 22nd October 2016 – Royce Bennett memorial handicap.

Last week’s Royce Bennett Memorial Handicap at Eildon was epic in a number of ways. Registrations were low, it must be said, and a number of those who registered did not make it to the start line after two accidents on the Black Spur (neither involving Eastern members) closed the Maroondah Highway for several hours. The windy and chilly conditions turned to rain towards the end of the race, and some riders were still shivering when the sun reappeared to shine on the post-race presentation. But, as the old saying goes, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Everyone who competed demonstrated more than the usual toughness. Well done to all who did so, and a particular thank you also to all those marshals and others who helped out on the day. Enjoy the race reports.

Newsletter 22nd October 2016

Arthurs Creek, 15th October 2016 – Graded Scratch Races

Arthurs Creek last Saturday was a windy place. Average speeds were high on the return leg from Strathewen; heading out was another matter, especially on a couple of the bends near the orchard. Race reports are inside.

Newsletter 15th October 2016

Yarra Glen, 8th October 2016 – Club Championships

Last Saturday’s club road championships at Yarra Glen were held in excellent conditions, with a tailwind up the hill on Glenview Road. Well done to all those who took part, and particular congratulations to the winners.  Reports from several of the races are inside this week’s newsletter.

Newsletter 8th October 2016

Casey Fields, 1st October 2016 – Graded Scratch Races

Racing returned to Casey Fields last week for – by all accounts – a tough afternoon in the wind. The newsletter is catching its breath this week, between the Team Time Trial and this Saturday’s club road championships at Yarra Glen – results only are inside.

Newsletter 1st October 2016

Seymour, 24th September 2016 – Pinnacle Cycles Team Time Trial

The second annual Eastern Veterans Team Time Trial took place last Saturday at Avenel, near Seymour. The reports that follow speak for the high regard this event has earned in very short time. Thanks once again to the organisers and sponsors, including major sponsor Pinnacle Cycles,.
If you rode the TTT on Saturday, there is an excellent chance you were captured on photo.  John Williams is pretty sure he got all riders.  A number of his photos appear in the newsletter, the remainder available here.