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Saturday 28th April 2018
– Enterprise Drive
– Graded Scratch Races

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Saturday will be split with A, C & E grades racing at 2.00pm and B, D & F grades racing at 3.00pm.


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Newsletter 27th August 2016

Seymour, 20th August 2016 – Rob Graham memorial ITT

Last Saturday we raced in honour of the late Rob Graham, a great athlete and club member and an especially strong rider in the time trial. As he does every year at the ‘Rob Graham’, Ron Stranks spoke with great feeling at the presentation ceremony about Rob and the many reasons this signature race in our calendar is named for him. The time trial is a hard discipline. Rider after rider reported that they had hoped for a tailwind on the return leg, but the tailwind never came. There are three race reports this week – from handicap winner Peter Morris, from one of the club’s best time triallers, Phil Smith, and from regular reporter Peter Gray.

Newsletter 20th August 2016

Gruyere, 13th August 2016 – Graded Scratch Races

Gruyere is tough and not favoured by many and this week was no exception, a small turnout didn’t make for easy racing, half the grades spread across the Yarra Valley country side early.  Some great individual efforts at both ends of the field; Phil Smith in A-grade and Paula McGovern in E.

An almost full compliment of reports plus a bonus report or two for your consumption.


Newsletter 13th August 2016

Casey Fields, 6th August 2016 – Graded Scratch Races

A pleasant day and an unusual meteorological occurrence – no wind.   Despite the almost ideal conditions it was a poor turnout in many grades but that didn’t mean the racing wasn’t hot, read the reports and catch up with Peter Gray’s Queensland ventures.

Newsletter 6th August 2016

Yarra Glen, 30th July 2016 – Tour de Metro, race 4

The Tour de Metro four-race series ended with a kermesse at Yarra Glen on Saturday.  We took the points on the day by a narrow margin, but having lost the previous three weekends it was Northern that won the series by a somewhat wider one.  The racing was competitive all month and there were plenty of voices arguing that the series between the two clubs should become a more regular event.

Gallery of images from the day.

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