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Saturday 20th October 2018
– Seymour Club Championships

1.30pm Start – Rear tail lights are mandatory.

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Andrew Buchanan

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Ray Watts


Colin O’Brien
Chris Norbury
Rob Suter
John Wilson
Peter Brann
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Lindsay Bridgeford
Ed Holmes


Newsletter August 1st 2015

Casey Fields, 25th July 2015

Those who thought the move from the undulating/hilly Arthurs Creek to the flat Casey Fields would make for an easier day in the saddle were mistaken.  Casey was at it’s worst, bunches were smashed, an inch quickly blowing out to a gap too big to close.  It was a day for the strong, the tough may have been left behind but plugged on into the wind to finish their race.

Thanks to Janita who has again done a sterling job with the newsletter.

Newsletter July 25th 2015

Gruyere, 18th July 2015

Cool and brisk conditions greeted the 60 odd who made the trek to Gruyere.  With cool still air and some warmth in the sun it was ideal racing conditions – so much so that e-grade were given an extra lap to make the most of them.  This week’s newsletter provides good wrap-ups of most races and some great images from the Tour de France night.

Newsletter July 11th 2015

Eildon, 4th July 2015

It wasn’t that cold and it wasn’t wet, the Melbourne rain not making it across the ranges.  And with still conditions it didn’t take long for those who donned the lyrca to warm up to some hotly contested races across the four that were held. – a disappointing turnout to what is a really good circuit.  And the small village of Eildon packs some top notch bakeries, $31 later I had a big lunch and Saturday night’s dessert – vanilla slices that I would recommend.

Newsletter July 4th 2015

Newham – VVCC Open, 27th June 2015

Two events covered; the club’s VVCC Open at Newham and the Hell of Northcote – Melburn-Roobax.  A successful day at Newham, the handicapper getting in mainly right, the calm conditions not favouring the scratch riders, but they at least got up for fastest time this week – 40kph average over a fairly tough 60k.