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Next Race

Saturday 25th August 2018
– Thornton ITT: Rob Graham Handicap & Club Champs

1.30pm Start. ~ 25km Circuit

Entries close midnight Wednesday.

Registration area at the Thornton Recreation Reserve near the main junction of Taggerty-Thornton Rd & Goulburn Valley Hwy – Melways 910 T8.

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Racing commences at 1.30pm – and don’t forget your tail light!

Rear tail lights are mandatory.  No light; no race.



Traffic Controllers

Nick Hainal
Ian M Smith


David Chesney
Ian Milner
Dean Tune
Andrew Wedderburn
Davina Calheim
Anthony Gullace
Phil Smith
Dave DePedro


Newsletter, 29th November 2014

Dunlop Rd, 22nd November 2014

The first race at Dunlop Rd for the summer season saw big fields in all grades. The A grade Teams race was supplemented with an A grade crit for those A graders that were not part of the Teams format and perhaps there was a couple of B graders who took the opportunity to try their hand at A, without the big guns to dish out extra pain.

The remaining grades were also hotly contested. D grade had the equal biggest field with 29 starters that included several doubling up from their usual grades. This produced some interesting tactics in the sprint and the smart riders hit the front early to avoid the congestion. The same can be said for the other grades.

Are Helmets worth it?

Thank you to Elizabeth and Patricia for sharing this article with us as part of a safety program they are involved with at their youth center.  Great work, kids!” – is a helmet worth it.  Yes it is and the article is worth reading for your knowledge and for passing on

Newsletter, 22nd November 2014

Arthurs Creek, 15th November 2014

The weather was fine for the last road race for the year, in fact the last road race until the end of January. A great course, if not challenging for most riders. The climb on the way out followed by the undulations to the far cone sets the race up for a fast return to Greens Rd. The multiple laps just add another dimension to test the legs. The upbeat mood after the racing is testament to the enjoyment had by all, including those that struggled.

Newsletter, 15th November

Casey Fields, 8th November 2014

Eastern Vets must enjoy inflicting discomfort on themselves. Sixty two riders went to Casey Fields for another day of high winds, as was the previous Saturday, but there was a difference this Saturday. Instead of the rain and cold it was around 35^ and to add a little more of a challenge to the dehydration and fatigue, a ‘Missing out’ race was thrown in for most grades along with the normal crit races, just to add a further dimension to the discomfort. Never the less, everybody appeared to enjoy the racing, although a few were a little worse for wear after the crit race.

Newsletter, 8th November 2014

Casey Fields, 1st November 2014

Casey was at it’s best, it was a brave person who ventured out into the tempest.  Gusting winds, heavy rain, sun, wind, did I mention the wind.  Despite the conditions a small but dedicated crew took to the track, huddling together for warmth and protection, those who found themselves separated soon found themselves well and truly on their own.  Full reports from some of those who’s brains didn’t freeze are in this week’s newsletter.