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Saturday 20th October 2018
– Seymour Club Championships

1.30pm Start – Rear tail lights are mandatory.

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Andrew Buchanan

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Ray Watts


Colin O’Brien
Chris Norbury
Rob Suter
John Wilson
Peter Brann
Alison Skene
Lindsay Bridgeford
Ed Holmes


Newsletter, 1st November 2014

Club Championships, Seymour, 25th October 2014

The age group race is interesting to observe. Riders are racing against some riders from their usual grades as well as riders from other grades, higher and or lower. At the registration area it has a different atmosphere to crit races. Some riders can be seen looking at each rider that turns up, trying to ascertain

 whether that rider will be in their age group and if so what are their particular strengths and weaknesses. Are they sprinters, climbers or perhaps time trailers? They also count how many in the bunch because for the first time for a man, size does count, the bunch that is.


Newsletter 25th October 2014

Yarra Glen, 18th October 2014

Brave Dave (Anderson) was at Yarra Glen with camera in hand, images available here;

The A-grade team’s race added to the big fields in nearly all the other grades and highlights just how popular this demanding circuit is for the riders. It was warm and with a stiff breeze up the rise, a breeze that is as predictable as Casey Fields. It was always going to test the legs and leave some to ride alone before race end. A circuit where the handicapper is inundated with requests to ride down a grade or 2.


Newsletter 18th October 2014

Arthurs Creek, 11th October 2014

Arthurs Creek was good to us. Neither cold nor windy. The magies were territorial so it paid to be in the bunch and not off the back. They don’t seem to attack when there are several riders together. Another good reason to be near the front. We had reasonably large grades with riders that like to make others suffer.

Newsletter 11th October 2014

Casey Fields, 4th October 2014

Windy Fields again! What a tough day. A day that tests the determination of all riders and a carbon copy of the previous week’s race, but more so. Fields spread around the track and beside it by days end and sore legs for all but the fittest. It makes next week hills attractive by comparison.


Newsletter 4th October 2014

Casey Fields 27th September 2014

After several visits to Casey with no or little wind, it was back to normal at “Windy Plains”. Bunches were broken and break-aways’ were the order of the day. A powerful attempt at about the half way mark set up a good win for Martin Stalder in C grade, Pat Ruys did similar in E grade and Ciaran Jones did, well what Ciaran does so well, in A grade. Both D and E grades were also broken up.

There are a few images from the day in the gallery.