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Next Race

Sunday 1st July 2018
– National Boulevard, Campbellfield
– Round 1 Tour de Metro hosted by Northern Cycling

Racing commences at 9.00am – and don’t forget your tail light!

Northern Cycling Club encourages pre-entry via the EntryBoss website to allow for better planned and graded racing. On line entries close at midday on race eve.

Pre-entries will be charged $12 when entering and paying on line, however entries will still be taken on the day prior to the race up to 15 minutes before advertised start times.  Entry fee on the day will be $20.



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30th August 2014

Rob Graham memorial ITT – Seymour, 23/8/2014

It was a good turn-out for one of the Club’s special days in memory of Rob Graham where we find out who can best match it with the infernally unrelenting clock. Neil Cartledge takes us through the mechanics of shaving off seconds and minutes to “beat the clock” while Jean-Philippe Leclercq contemplates the internal battle to synchronise mind and body to perform in a “world” where time determines the outcome.

Thanks go to Neil and Jean-Philippe for their reportage



Newsletter 23rd August 2014

Gruyere – 16th August 2014

Conditions at Gruyere were fairly benign if a little chilly but some dark clouds on the horizon boded ill for those of a pessimistic persuasion (pre-emptive pessimism proved unwarranted on this occasion). Race briefing included the possibility of negotiating a cattle drive or, at least, what the cattle leave in their wake – “Keep your mouths closed” was the sage health and safety advice proffered by the starter. Thanks for that Richard!


Newsletter 16th August 2014

Yarra Glen 9th August 2014

A mild mid-winter’s day saw a big field turn out to what is rapidly becoming our favourite road circuit.  Big fields across the higher grades, making for some tough racing where strong efforts by individuals were rewarded.

Newsletter 9th August 2014

Casey Fields 2nd August 2014

It usually does not take much to make me ponder whether to head down the Monash towards Cranbourne – a few dark clouds, a breath of wind – but I wanted a fast hit-out so off I went. As it happened, apart from some water on the track, conditions were as good as I can recall in the last couple of years of racing at Casey Fields.

Thanks go to Ross, Jim, Ken and Robin for their reportage below.

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