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Saturday 20th October 2018
– Seymour Club Championships

1.30pm Start – Rear tail lights are mandatory.

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Andrew Buchanan

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Ray Watts


Colin O’Brien
Chris Norbury
Rob Suter
John Wilson
Peter Brann
Alison Skene
Lindsay Bridgeford
Ed Holmes


Newsletter 31st May 2014

Yarra Junction – O’Mara 100 – 24th May 2014

Some 81 riders faced the starter for a sunny afternoon ride out through Powelltown over the hump to the designated turn-around and back (with A, B and C Grades warming up with an initial out and back to Powelltown before going over the top to bring up the metric century which gives the event its name).

It appears that it just takes a longish ride in the country to bring out the scribes in the peleton. After a finish line view from Keith Bowen there are reports covering all grades in greater or lesser detail.

Newsletter 24th May 2014

Yarra Glen – 17th May 2014

Some 83 riders saddled up for between 6 and 12 laps of the Yarra Glen circuit which has a leg to suit most types: a climb up Glenview Road for the sylphlike spinners (does anyone do the big ring tango from the bottom?); a downhill blast on King St which brings the big units to the fore (if only briefly); and some power play on Yarraview Road for those with the big engines. Neil Cartledge got the day off with a bang as he punctured a single on his warm up. Andrew Buchanan rode to his rescue with a replacement wheel as the s instructions.

We have Ken , Peter and Jim to thank for the race reports in this week’s newsletter.


Newsleter 17th May 2014

Athletic Soft Tissue h’cap, Seymour, 10th May

A wet wintry drive to Seymour saw a few questioning whether they would saddle up but in the end most collected their numbers and headed for the start. We have broad coverage of the race from those who prospered and those simply profited by the experience. Thanks to Neil, Ray, Louise, Mark, John, Rob and Shelly for their reports below.


Newsletter 10th May 2014

Casey Fields 3rd May 2014

Wind and some rain in the early laps greeted the riders who set out to take on Casey Fields and their mates on last Saturday. Jim Swainston showed a clean pair of heels to the field in the final sprint in D Grade and admitted to not being able to recall the last time he took top step on the podium. Nonetheless he was the only rider on the podiums who had also placed the previous week at Gruyere. Nigel Kimber unselfishly sacrificed himself so he could report on two grades! We also have 3 perspectives on C Grade. Thanks to Nigel, Peter, Paul, Neil and Jim for the reports.


Newsletter 2nd May 2014

Gruyere 26th April 2014

Relatively few hardy souls made the trip out to Gruyere more in hope than expectation. It became progressively darker and wetter on the trip out along the Eastern and Maroondah towards Lilydale. The weather, however, did not dampen the enthusiasm of the racers, with breakers “going early and going hard”. A couple of debutants in D Grade (David Chesney and Peter Emmett) posted notice of their serious intentions – David drawing the attention of the handicapper by gapping him on the final climb.