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Next Race

Sunday 1st July 2018
– National Boulevard, Campbellfield
– Round 1 Tour de Metro hosted by Northern Cycling

Racing commences at 9.00am – and don’t forget your tail light!

Northern Cycling Club encourages pre-entry via the EntryBoss website to allow for better planned and graded racing. On line entries close at midday on race eve.

Pre-entries will be charged $12 when entering and paying on line, however entries will still be taken on the day prior to the race up to 15 minutes before advertised start times.  Entry fee on the day will be $20.



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Newsletter 29th March 2014

Dunlop Road, 22nd March 2014

The racing was fast and furious at Dunlop Rd. The cool temperature making it comfortable during the big efforts and the breeze slowing the race pace on the finish straight while McDonalds Lane was the place to try and get away. The characteristics left all grades with high average speeds and sore legs. As is usual the sprinters were the riders collecting the envelopes at the end of the day.

Newsletter 22nd march 2014

Yarra Glen, 15th March 2014:

There was a good turnout of almost 80 riders for the challenging Kermesse at Yarra Glen. This shows just how much the riders enjoy discomfort on a bike. A stiff breeze in the face bunches climbing the rise, aided the stronger riders to inflict pain and suffering on this undulating course.

Most grades lost individual riders or at least had split bunches, some from early in the race and continuing to the last lap. As is the norm, the dead road up the hill in front of the winery was the key factor in defining who finished in the money or for that matter, who finished at all. The drop down King Street with some wind assistance made sure that any rider off the back, would struggle to get back on.


Newsletter 15th March 2014

METEC 8th March 2014

Big turnout this week despite the Monday holiday and all the activity at Bright, some good racing across the grades – a-grade splitting early, the chase keeping the break honest and making them work for their kudos.  Check out the other stories in the newsletter.


Newsletter 8th March 2014

Casey Fields, 1st March 2014

One of the biggest turnouts for Casey Fields from the club’s perspective, over a hundred turned up to pit themselves against the Casey wind and each other.  In all grades the wind was a fierce opponent and ‘the other’s’ were pretty handy at dishing out the hurt as well.

Brave Dave was there on the day and has uploaded a few images from the day.

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