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Saturday 13th October 2018
– Yarra Glen GSR

2.00pm Start – Entries on the day close 1.45pm sharp @ the Registration desk.  Rear tail lights are mandatory.

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Newsletter 28th December 2013

METEC – Christmas Handicap, 21st December 2013

Keen to get a last ride in before gorging themselves over the festive season it was a good turnout for racing at METEC this week, sizable fields across all grades with enough that the club had to split the afternoon into two races; A, C & E followed by B, D & F.  And those were just the qualifiers, the real race followed – the Christmas Handicap, another sterling job by the handicapper saw it almost come together on the line, a determined f-grade trio just staying ahead of the chase that a-grade joined on the last corner.

Thanks to all of those who have made racing possible throughout the year, the committee members who organise the calendar, the permits, the roster and the membership in general for both assisting the running of the races by acting as marshals and for participating in a safe, courteous and friendly manner.

All the best for the season and the new year and see you in 2014.

Newsletter 21st December 2013

Dunlop Road, 14th December 2013

Top conditions, big fields, a-grade the biggest race of the afternoon and a fast one to boot, you can read one version of the events in this week’s newsletter.  B-grade was again a hard affair, constant attacks seeing little breaks up the road most laps with the bunch chasing hard.


Newsletter 14th December 2013

Casey Fields, 7th December 2013

Another big field in c-grade, d & b grades not far behind and the distribution curve continued its form through a and the lower grades.  In all 75 members turned out to be greeted by relatively mild conditions – mild for Casey.  A southerly breeze enough to encourage use of more than one gear whilst giving opportunity to the brave, a breeze that picked up through the afternoon.

There were some good rides in b-grade with multiple breaks going and being brought back, unfortunately I had my head down trying to hang onto my bunch and can offer no more than that.  C-grade did what c-grade usually do, that race ending in a big (well behaved) bunch sprint.  You can read all about d-grade’s race in the newsletter, whilst you’ll have to go to the source to find out what happened in the e & f grade races.


Newsletter December 7th 2013

Casey Fields, 30th November 2013

Tour of Bright, inclement conditions, it wasn’t looking to be a big turnout and early on numbers were slow but by 2:00 we had a good turnout and some competitive racing was had across all grades, the wind costing a few their places in the peloton and proving ally to the few brave souls who took their chances.


Newsletter 30th November 2013

Dunlop Road, 23rd November 2013

Old faithful; Dunlop Road, the most popular of our venues and although the weather did its best to deter the numbers it was still a good turnout, and a good day for racing.  Eighty riders across the six grades made for some tight and interesting racing whilst the threatening rain held off.

Newsletter 23rd November 2013

Casey Fields, 16th November 2013

One-hundred minutes in the Casey wind, it wasn’t going to be easy and just to add that little bit more suffering there were two intermediate sprints that carried enough points to influence the results.  A-grade were given a demonstration on how to ride a teams’ race with the Celtic trio rolling across the line well ahead of the rest of the depleted field.  B-grade were tested by Ian Milner & Phil Thompson who stretched the relatively small field in a race of attrition.  The remaining races saw riders succumb and fall away but the main bunches finishing together.


Newsletter 16th November 2013

Yarra Glen 9th  November 2013

Another small turnout; only 50 spread across five grades, c-grade making up nearly half that number with twenty, the uncertainty in the weather undoubtedly the reason.  Building works around the pony club had left dirt around the bottom end of the course and laying it thick on the double right from Yarraview into Glenview, A massive effort by Ross Tinkler and Dave McCormack cleared the worst so that we could race safely, so long as it stayed dry.  And stay dry it did, all grades enjoying good racing conditions and a tail wind up the hill.  The downside of the tailwind was a head wind to the finish and the downside of the day was a fall in the a-grade sprint, fortunately the rider involved walked away having kissed the bitumen and given it a bit of lip.


Newsletter 9th November 2013

Casey Fields, 2nd November 2013

It wouldn’t be Casey Fields if there wasn’t any wind and we weren’t disappointed.  Not the gales of past but enough to make riding alone a tough day in the saddle – a sentiment obviously shared by most in attendance with the lower grades coming in together.  The team’s race ensuring activity in the a-grade race, a series of attacks and counter attacks before finally a trio got a gap that they were able to hold to the end – with a little help from their friends.  A strong attack involving Ian Smith and Ross Tinkler saw the b-grade race shatter, the pair racing for top honours with Phil Thompson chasing down a lone Ray Russo to claim third.

Brave Dave was there on the day and has uploaded a few images from the day.

Newsletter 2nd November 2013

Seymour – Avenel Royce Bennett memorial handicap, 26th October 2013

A good turnout enjoyed an almost perfect day for a race on what is becoming a popular road circuit – ideally suited to a handicap, flat and fast.  There was only one group complaining about the conditions – scratch, “there wasn’t enough wind”.  With 95% of the registered riders turning up the handicappers plans weren’t upset too much and it promised to be a good and exciting race.  Read the stories from inside, and outside, the race in this week’s newsletter.


Newsletter 26th October 2013

Gruyere, 19th October 2013

Despite the good weather, and no known conflicts, it was small gathering that took on ‘that climb’ over and over. I may not have been there long, but did notice that the d and e-grade bunches were suffering early with antagonists putting the bunches to the test on the first lap.  Keith’s report from the finish line confirms and expands on this observation indicating that most grades finished with individuals of small breakaways taking the honours.

Brave Dave was there on the day and has uploaded a few images from the day.

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